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Pen Power 2010-05-11 15:41:14

So now you’re in high school but something’s missing. Friends? No they came with you. Books? No, they gave you a ton more. Teachers? Well, maybe you miss a few but you have some cool ones here to. Oh yeah, POWER of the Pen! What happened to Power of the Pen? What do you mean there’s no Power of the Pen for high school. That’s lame!

If that is what happened to you, you’re not alone. Many kids miss Power of the Pen when they get to high school. OurtownWooster would like to keep it alive in Wayne County. If you want to keep writing or show off your previous work email it to us and we’ll be happy to post it. If we can get some Power of the Pen teachers to get involved, we could take it to the next level. Get a hold of them and tell them to email us if they are interested.

But for now just send us your work. We love short stories.

A MIND is a terrible thing to waste!

Email us: twells@ourtown.com



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