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How does Third Frontier affect Students
How does The Ohio Third Frontier impact students? 2010-04-30 22:54:14

As this semester comes to a close, another responsibility comes to light – the right to vote on May 4th.


Recently, University President Dr. Proenza spoke of the importance of The Third Frontier, Issue 1, to Ohio’s economy and higher education-based research.


In the end, what does The Third Frontier mean for students? In short, it helps provide the foundation for industries across Ohio in areas such as advanced materials, alternative energy and fuel development, biomedical imaging, improved diagnostics, treatments for cancer, and many diseases.


Since 2002, The Third Frontier has resulted in nearly 55,000 direct and indirect jobs for Ohio. To date, approximately 40% of grants awarded have been to businesses and universities in the Northeast Ohio community.


The proposed renewal of The Third Frontier will authorize $700 million in bonds over four years beginning in 2012, helping continue the advancements that have been made over the past eight years with more than 500 companies.


Graduating and entering the workforce can be daunting. With initiatives like The Third Frontier, Ohioans have the ability to invent the future by developing new processes and technologies to save lives and improve the human condition.


On May 4th, make an informed decision when voting on Issue 1 – The Ohio Third Frontier.



Steve Sedlock


Associated Student Government



Office: 330-972-7002




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Issue 1, Third Frontier
The importance of the Third Frontier initiative, Issue 1 . 2010-04-23 21:08:28

The importance of the Third Frontier initiative

Recently, Dear Students . . .

. . . the University’s Board of Trustees passed an important resolution that supports the passage of State Issue 1, Ohio’s highly successful Third Frontier initiative, and formally expresses its gratitude to the Ohio General Assembly for its support of university-based research and development. In so doing, our Trustees joined with other universities across the state in endorsing a program that has been important to The University of Akron and which is vital to improving the economy of our state.

In about two weeks, Ohioans will go to the polls to decide whether to extend the Third Frontier initiative and permit the state to sell bonds to fund university research and other start-up activities. Historically, primary elections draw relatively few voters, and it is important to know what is at stake for our University and for our state.

To date, the Third Frontier initiative has yielded impressive results: More than $681 million in Third Frontier dollars have been invested since 2002, yielding $6.6 billion in economic activity, $2.4 billion in wages and benefits, and more than 48,000 jobs. The return has far exceeded the investment.

The research supported by the Third Frontier program provides the foundation for jobs and growth in businesses and industries across Ohio as diverse as advanced materials, alternative energy, biomedical imaging, and improved diagnostics, treatments for cancer, heart disease and other diseases.

You can learn much more about Issue 1 in my op-ed essay published on April 11 in the Akron Beacon Journal.

As you go about your studies and other activities, I would encourage you to talk about what the Third Frontier has meant to our University and our state. Please join me on May 4th in supporting Issue 1 for a brighter future for all Ohioans.

With every good wish,


Luis M. Proenza


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Track Your Reps!
Track Your Reps! 2010-04-27 19:16:47

Good site to track your congressional leaders for the 16 District of Ohio. Here’s a little from the site. It looks like a good site to do this with.


The two senators from Ohio are:

Sen. Brown, Sherrod [D-OH]

Sen. Voinovich, George [R-OH]

The representative for Ohio’s 16th congressional district is:

Rep. Boccieri, John [D-OH16]

Track These Members of Congress

Once that you’ve found your senators and representatives, tell GovTrack you want to Track them so

that they show up in your customized tracked events page. Go to the site and click the “Add trackers

for my reps” button.



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