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When a Stranger Knocks

From Wooster, Ohio

So, you hear a knock at the door. You open the door and see who it is right? WRONG. How do you figure out who it is. Even if you know a someone is coming over, you don’t really know who it is. Sometimes we can be distracted with anticipation because someone awesome is coming over. Your mind is filled with catching up on the latest news, running your newest ideas past them. (Wondering if they’ll think it’s as stupid as your brother did. Then there’s that DVD you picked out or the big game you’re ready to watch. Oh yea and don’t forget the snacks. A good snack can distract me as much as a squirrel running past.

As in my earlier post New Parking Lot Tactic, it’s easy to forget about your environment and the possibility of danger, especially in your own home.

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