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Where are you in your journey to have your own business?

From Wooster, Ohio

Where are you in your journey to have your own business?

Most of my childhood, I didn't work. When I became an adult, I found out my dad wasn't as dumb as I thought. In the real world, if you don't work you don't get paid. So eventually I worked 2 jobs and sometimes 3. So most of my adult life, I spent countless hours "Dreaming and Scheming". I was always looking for a side job that I was good at, and paid well.

Many of the lessons in this book I learned through trial and error in my 14 years of Window Cleaning. If I had this book in the beginning, I could have knocked down the learning curve by 70%.

Every business starts with an idea. The idea becomes an interest. Then you pick up on any related knowledge that comes by. A story in the news, hearing about a friend or family member that had this particular service done, and their feelings about the service they received.

Your interest grows, and now you are visualizing yourself in the stories people are telling you. The more knowledge you gain the more you dissect the stories and critique the service people in these stories. You hear how rude someone was and you think "What a jerk! I would never treat a customer that way". Or maybe the person complaining is the jerk and you say to yourself "Wow, how would I handle a customer like that. I know how difficult she can be".

At some point you start doing these kinds of jobs for yourself and family and friends. By word of mouth your skills are becoming known to others and you start getting calls. Now it's time to turn your hobby into a business. Unless you know someone who is willing to mentor you in this, you're on your own to figure it all out. There are stories all the time about "would be" handymen who got in over their head and lost a ton of money and quit the whole business. So how do you avoid these mistakes?

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