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A New Kind of Recycling

From Wooster, Ohio

There are lots of tips on saving money. Here's one that saves you more than a few bucks. Shred all papers with your personal information on it. One long standing tradition for saving money has been "Dumpster Diving". It's one of the best forms of recycling ever invented. One person puts some item to the curb, like a TV, old couch, refrigerator, tires, well, you get the idea. Within minutes or a few hours, someone comes by and picks it up and recycles it. They drive by and see a bathroom vanity with a cracked panel and they say to themselves, "I can fix that". So they get the item and take it home, fix it and voila, they just finished remodeling their bathroom.

People used to bundle up newspapers and magazines and put them on the curb and some enterprising dumpster diver would pick it up and trade it in for a few bucks.

Well there's a new kind of paper recycling. It's called Identity Theft. Unsuspecting people take whatever papers they don't want to save and put them in the trash which then gets put to the curb. Now we have dumpster divers who recycle paper into money, your money. No matter where you live, people can pick through your trash for this information. Look at a credit card application and see what personal information is needed to get a card. This information about you should never go to the curb.

This information can be used to make online purchases, get credit cards, online loans, store credit cards, etc. There are new ways of using your information to get money every day. This recycling is worth more than a few bucks. It's worth hundreds and thousands of dollars! In your name! Some thieves use the credit for items and pay them off every month until they are ready for the big score. The bills don't come to you so you never know about it unless you get a credit check which most people don't do.

I have one word for you, shredder. Buy a shredder soon. The cheap ones shred your paper into strips which can be put back together like a puzzle and then clearly read. The other kind of shredder cuts in 2 directions and creates confetti instead of strips. I say if this is important enough for you to buy a shredder, it’s important enough to buy one that makes confetti, not strips.

So don't recycle your personal papers. Make confetti. 

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