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Zillow 2009-01-16 20:13:40

Ever wonder what your home is worth? In the current economy, I’m not always sure we want to know, but it is interesting. You can now get that information on all www.ourtown.com  websites, including this one. 

Just find the Zillow box located on the home page, type in your address, or your neighbor's, your friend's, or even your mother-in-law’s address and Zillow will give you an estimated home value based on comps in the area. Zillow also provides other helpful real estate tips for your area.    It’s important to be in the know, now more than ever, and www.ourtown.com, through our Zillow.com affiliation can help you stay on top of the real estate market.  



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  1. Local NewsFri, 15 Mar 2013 08:46:17 EST
    Usually this page would be dedicated to the latest local news that is going on in the community, but since this page is available and in need of a local editor we can only show a sample page. This page would be a cornerstone of the site and would show the latest that truly matter to the people living within the community. This is why we recruit local editors who live in the community, so that they are truly in touch with what is really going on and what is important!Take the plunge now and give your community something it can be proud out while also giving them a source of great information! More...
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