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Metro Atlanta top Attorneys
  1. Super Lawyer Dwight L Thomas Is An Atlanta Legal Icon For Celebrities and Normal Citizens AlikeFri, 21 Aug 2009 02:54:11 EST
    I have represented people from all walks of life from the powerless to the powerful (former Dekalb CEO Vernon Jones, former State Senator Van Streat, and former Atlanta School Board Member Robert "Bob" Waymer). Since that day in 1966 when I integrated Avondale H.S. in Dekalb County, I have always welcomed a challenge and I have always challenged the law to the benefit of people and not to the detriment. More...
  2. Georgia State Directories Are For The Public In Need Of Legal ConselFri, 21 Aug 2009 02:49:10 EST
    The Directories section is designed to help you find the people/resources you need as easily and quickly as possible. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the State Bar of Georgia Communications Department at (404) 527-8792. More...