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Chin Chin Hibachi Voted Top Five By OurTown Media

From Snellville, Georgia

Chin Chin Hibachi Voted Top Five By OurTown Media

 By Tricia Bailey, OurTown National News Editor,

A portion of the history behind hibachi cooking may astound you.
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"We take much efforts to acknowledge the best of the best. For we tell travelers where to go eat sleep and stay along with your travels, exclaims Tom Livsey, OurTown National News Editor.

He adds,"It is a privilege to welcome Chin Chin Hibachi to the Top Five Restaurants in Snellville, Ga."

Hibachi is a flame broiling method that started in Japan and has developed throughout the years.
A conventional hibachi barbecue includes an open mesh for cooking sustenance, while a teppanyaki barbecue is a level, strong frying pan.

The correct history of hibachi cooking is indistinct and far from being obviously true.

Some claim that hibachi cooking started in Japan more than 200 years back, while others assert that it has just been around since the mid-twentieth century.

Hibachi cooking begun on little, versatile barbecues, yet has advanced throughout the years into a more mind boggling and energizing type of cooking.

Come go along with us at Chin Chin Hibachi and Relax for a tasty and filling hibachi feast! Plan your next meal at this restaurant, or have your next family get-together catered by the owner, Mr. Paul. Ask for your OurTown Discount.

(770) 802-4417 · 3425 Centerville Hwy Snellville, GA 30039.




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