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Ode To Anderson Livsey Elementary School Class of 2017

From Snellville, Georgia

Ode To Anderson-Livsey Elementary Class of 2017
By Tom Livsey, OurTown National News Editor,

"I want to salute the graduation Class of 2017. We are so proud of you. From the parents, sisters, and brothers, to the PTA, Cafeteria staff, administrators, principals, and especially the teachers. Class of 2017 keep learning and succeeding, and one day become proud of us one day.", exclaims Thomas A Livsey!

Though this is an important message in any year of graduation, perhaps particularly so much more this school year, which marked both the occasion of three, The Upcoming Bicentennial countyhood for Gwinnett County, in 2018, the retirement of Principal Warren, and of course, Presidency of Donald Trump. Remember the time of change is embedded in your future.

The time a for change, rest in the hearts, minds, and souls of you today. For in less than thirty years, many of you will become the decision makers for those who will someday follow you.

Like the youth of so many schools across the country, so did our Anderson-Livsey Elementary School's students responded with an intense desire and determination to help and make a difference this year in the fight against Hunger. They were Number 1!
Martin Luther King Jr. used to say that “Life’s most urgent question is ‘What are you doing for Others?’”

Our students answered that question, with their unyielding pride...'We Are The Generals'!

So, as you woke up this morning, remember you will do the same for tens of thousands of more mornings in the future.

However, do not forget about your individuality, your intellect, your dreams, your passions, desires, and your goals. But along the way, through your good times and bad times, do not ever forget about your brothers and sisters around the world who might need or give a helping hand, in times of need.

So in closing, I Thomas A. Livsey, challenge each and every graduate from our school of heritage, to go forward and conquer the needs of your fellow man, in all markets of the world.

By the way, if you ever have a bad day in the future...Just think back to your Graduation Day at Anderson-Livsey Elementary 2017!

This song is for Queen Dee and Queen Dorethia Livsey


One Love General,

Tom Livsey



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