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Why Mothers Mean Everything to the worlds most powerful leaders

From Snellville, Georgia

Why Mothers Mean Everything to Strong Men By Tom livsey, OurTown National News Editor,

Unlike today with the help of technology, mothers of the past had to accept the fact to give birth might cause her death. Without your mother 9 billion people would not even exist.

Case in point, when I was born in 1962, I should have died from Pnumonia. The worst was that My mother Dorthia Livsey came close to death, when the doctors left a untensil inside of her.

I was a sickly baby, having to go to doctors on a regular basis. My Mom was always there for me 

The point I am making is that if you ask the most powerful men in the world, " What does your Mother mean to you? Like I did this past two weeks...99 % of the time, they would respond..."EVERYTHING". Without mothers we would not only be alive, but Mothers helped us to love, respect others, and survive.

I wish Mothers around the world on this special day...Happy Mother's Day!


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