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Birds and Bees making it in the trees Its Springtime

From Snellville, Georgia

Birds and Bees making it in the trees-Its Springtime

By Tom Livsey, OurTown National News Editor,

Surely you have noticed the increase of chriping outside your window in the morning. If you are wondering why is this the case? Its because the birds and the beees have a nest in your front tree.

Love is in the air. While Spring cleaning is a neccessity, please do not forget to prepare a nest for your mate inside the house.

Now is a great time to take your mate on a weekend get away and show them your love, and why they are so great!

Check out some of the music festivals that are going on in your area for free.

Call your baby sitter and book a hotel stay for the night.

Here's the best thing, you won't have to travel a 1000 miles from home. Just, 'Get Away', and have some fun.

If you must, book two rooms, for your baby sitter and your kids stay on an upper floor, so they cannot see you two coming in and out of the hotel throughout the night!


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