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Fred 'V-Man' Watson - Victory Over Violence- I Won't Gripe

From Snellville, Georgia

Fred 'V-Man' Watson - Victory Over Violence- I Won't Gripe !

By Tricia Bailey, OurTown National News Editor,
Fred 'V-Man' Watson indicate others how its done. You should allow me to share my own specific learned exposures that I have coordinated data about this uncommon gathering pioneer, who we in general warmly called, Fred'V-Man', today.

Fred 'V-Man' Watson was a trademark born protector of people. For in case anything ever happened in Georgia, Fred V-Man Watson would consider the five W's,(Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How), of those entering his Georgia state camps, in order to inform his numerous local leaders throughout the southeast.

Initially Fred 'V-Man' Watson, had me paralyzed how he had the ability to make me feel so important, despite when I felt so immaterial, myself.He empowered me to keep my eye on the prize of change.

Today I challenge other local and national community leaders, business merchants,corporations, and politicians to come out and celebrate this great man's visions of today that we must continue, in his honor.

Fred 'V-Man' Watson...Rest Now Boss, I have your back, and I will never cry from the lack of knowing how to lead like you have done all your life!

MLK Celebration  Monday , January 16, 2017 9AM- 5 PM Prinston Hall 330 Auburn Ave  Atlanta, GA 30303     


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