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How Local Business Can Triple Back To School Retail Sales-On Line Advertising !

From Snellville, Georgia

 How Local Business Can Triple Back To School Retail Sales-On Line Advertising !
By Twomucht, Topix National News Editor,

Great back to school sales can make retailers fend till Christmas. Many retail merchants realize that in order to promote their school products, is through sponsoring a local school. Teachers, students, parents, all need new clothes, supplies, and a local store to offer them a special savings over the national store chains, like Walmart.

In the face of high gas prices, local buyers are trying to find products and services close to their home or workplace. Likewise, travelers are Goggling for the same items along their journey. So, if you want to attract more customers, you need to have the ability to secure top listing on Google Search, period.

Understand, most retail sales start with the buyer using a smart phone or laptop. Normally, the individual will Google an item, like, 'Best Pizza Cafe in Snellville, Ga." In less than two seconds, she will have at least ten pizza cafes, ranked by the number of reviews . If your pizza parlor, is not one of the top three listings, you will not even know that you missed a sale, anyway.

"People search before wasting gas", reveals Tom Livsey, National News Editor.

He adds, "Just think about it. If you want to go to the best dance club in Atlanta, Ga, then you would Google that term. If you want the best hair salon, then you would search for that establishment, by zip code. The secret is to get your business listed on top of page number one on Yahoo and Google search engines.

However, it is the number of reviews and the numbers of articles written about your establishment that will get you the exposure, in order to get you separation from your competition, and top billing on search engines."

Sites like ,OurTown Media are helping small local business owners who are trying to figure out how to get into the on line advertising game…and WIN !

Here’s how to get $ 14,400 advertising value of complete national web exposure for only $7200 bucks for 12 months during the month of July-NOW ! By Labor Day, the benefit of the Ad/Article/Talk Show Campaign will return to the full great value retail price of $14,400. However, Metro Atlanta business can also choose to place their hyper link ads on just one city, like Snellville, and pay $1200 per city, per year.

Georgia merchants will get a monthly article, a 24/7 ad on six city OurTown.com metro Atlanta sites, along with the opportunity to be a featured merchant on a national talk show every other month.

The cities include Lithonia, Stone Mountain, Snellville, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Georgia, for OurTown. National businesses will be placed on CNN outlets, and national OurTown.com national news sites. There is an OurTown.com in every zip code of the United States.

All of the articles, and talk show links will be able to add to your company website, and/or your business social media, like Face Book.

Local businesses are getting the red carpet treatment these days from hyper local blogs and sites who are catering more and more to their needs. As ad spending on offline media such as Yellow Pages, radio and cable declines, on line ad spending and outlets for local business exposure is on the rise.

With the advent of sites which cater to specific areas, regions and destinations around the world, more and more advertising opportunities are finally opening up for local businesses who wish to get in front of their target market to increase foot traffic, sales, and exposure.

For more information, please contact Tom Livsey today by email: tlivseyflnb@yahoo.com, or call 678-580-0757



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