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There's Texting, Sexing, and now Frexting. What is it?

From Snellville, Georgia

There’s Texting, Sexing, and now Frexting. What is it?
By Tricia Bailey, OurTown National News Editor,

About 5 years ago texting was not very popular as it has become today.
First let’s define Texting- It is a form of communication by way of non verbal communication. Sexting- A form of communication by using erotic pictures instead of text. Now there’s Frexting- The intentional art of harmful communication by way of texting.

Frexting is very prevalent in today’s society. It is a way of life. Instead of parents arguing that use to take place in the household now has been taken over by smartphones. Frexting is a way that people are releasing their frustration towards each other. People can hide behind their frexting so that you are not able to face that individual in person.

What is going to become of this texting, sexting, and frexting generation? Will this stop our use for formal communication or will it cause our society to become more irrational due to the escalated communication.

Regardless of what happens we should be aware of this kind of behavior so that we can get back to our familiar ways of communications which is talking it out.

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