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Painting Parties Have Become The Party Rage In 2014!

From Snellville, Georgia

Painting Parties Have Become The Party Rage In 2014!
By Tom Livsey, OurTown National News Editor,

Although family gatherings, like weddings, reunions, birthday parties are still great opportunities to spend memorable times with family members, the times are a changing. Party games like,' Pin A Tail On A Donkey, Musical Chairs or Bobbing For Apples would do for a ten year old's birthday party, 20 years ago, now the youth wants more individuality.

Today, parents are having to think outside the birthday fun box, when it comes to entertaining, and educational activities that will bring out their child's creative side of growth in culture, such as art painting, while having their child's party be the talk around town.

Below are just a few comments that you might expect to hear, if you have a professional artist like Ms. Debbie Glasheen, CEO of ,'My Painting Party', at your next social gathering, be it birthday parties for children, or bachlorelette parties for adults. The art of painting can soothe the human beast, young and old, alike:

"We had a blast!"

"This was one of the funnest birthday parties we have ever had!"

"The girls had so much fun that they didn’t want to go home."

This was such an easy party to put together.

"We got our art kits from our friends over at , My Painting Party'. These are so cool… The art kits came with individual supplies for each of the girls. The canvas, paint, brushes, apron, easel and even transfer paper to help the little artists start their paintings. I wish I had this at my 10 year old party", reveals, Ms. Tricia Bailey, CEO of Get Off N Drive."

She adds, "Art Painting Birthday Parties will make your child smile, and even say that he/she loves you, afterwards, maybe ?"

If you are planning a birthday party for a young child, or planning any other get-together, please why not make it something to remember for all in attendance.

For more information, visit Ms. Glasheen's Facebook website, or call her, Today at 404-219-8964 !!!



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