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OUTBACK of Stone Mountain Georgia---To Sir(loin) With Love !

From Snellville, Georgia

OUTBACK of Stone Mountain Georgia---To Sir(loin) With Love !
By Twomucht, Topix, National News Editor,

As the Spring brings the bloom of flowers, and the chirping of baby robins, Americans are eager to leave the comfort of their Winter's nest, to vacation with family and friends, around the state, or even venture on travels around the country.

However, one of the comforts of home and quality of food, that most people require when vacationing is the familiar merchants scattered around the country, that signifies value. No matter where their journey takes them, they can always rely on a corporate chain of products and services.

This is why hotels like Days Inn, convenient stores like QT, and restaurants like OUTBACK Steakhouse , are so desired by vacationers traveling throughout America. Be it Waffle House, Burger King, McDonald's, or Red Lobster.

Tourists are more likely to visit a national restaurant, or store chain, like Walmart, than to wander off the beaten path, in order to try a local food, or department store. The reason why is that these national companies have established a level of quality, convenience, and customer service.

Case in point, OUTBACK Steakhouse is a nationally recognized restaurant known for its great selection of steak and seafood. They should also be known for their outstanding personnel that provides the best in customer service, in the restaurant industry.

One of their best producing locations in particular, is their store located off East Park Place Blvd, just four minutes from Georgia's Number One Attraction, ' Stone Mountain Park ' . The world's largest exposed granite mountain attracts over 75, 000,000 hungry tourists annually.

Stone Mountain Park provides countless activities for the entire family, from the seasoned Civil War Buffs, to the toddler fisherman. However, the biggest park attraction is, the nightly, 'Laser Show'.

So it should be no surprise, that after a full day of fun, millions of tourists are left to wait till dark, to enjoy the Laser Show. This window of time allows these tourists who are unfamiliar with the Stone Mountain, Georgia area, an opportunity to find a place that they can identify with, and grab a good meal. OUTBACK is always a sure find.

To be sure you can get a sirloin, ribeye, or Lobster Tails in Alabama or Virginia. Yes, your meals will be served hot with a smile, guaranteed. However, they do not have Mr. Jeff Winter , Managing partner, along with Ms. Leslie Edwards, Ms. Caroline Dunn, and the rest of their Georgia expert staff.

"I have traveled worldwide, as an investment banker, national news editor, and food critic. I have eaten a sliver of steak in Japan, that cost more than my hotel room. There is nothing out of the ordinary, for a restaurant to close off a section,  just to cater to my palate. I have to tell you,  it does make me feel special, reveals Tom Livsey, OurTown National News Editor.

He adds, "All of that being said, long after I enjoyed the lobster, or steak, I will forget the taste of the food. But one thing I will always remember, and recommend to worldwide readers and listeners, is the qualify of service.

The first day of May was when I happened into Stone Mountain's OUTBACK. Due to miscommunication with my drivers, I found myself without my phone, and transportation. Initially, I simply ordered a sirloin meal to go, because I thought that my ride would soon return.

However, after 30 minutes, I asked Ms. Caroline Dunn , if she had a number for a taxi service. She happily replied, "Yes!"

She called TribeTaxiServices, and requested a driver for me. An hour later, she tried several times to make sure a driver was on the way, to no avail. Shortly afterwards, Ms. Leslie Edwards , took over the situation about my travel dilemma.

Two hours, into my travel problem, the managing partner, Mr. Jeff Winter walked up to me, and without hesitation, replaced my cold steak dinner. Ms. Edwards, called  Mrs. Madonna Gentry, the owner of LE CAT CAB . Within five minutes, the ace driver of the firm, Mr. Dre Robinson, drove up to the front door, and took me to my destination.

Please understand, all of these OUTBACK employees, took it upon themselves to give me comfort, when they did not have to do anything at all. By the way, the meal was fabulous !

Here's the thing, I do not waste my time throwing around compliments. As a news editor and food critic, I am numb to monetary and other types of bribes, including free t-shirts, in order for me to give the establishment a high mark. What matters is that I have over 60 million people who trust me as a broker of information worldwide. I simply tell people where to eat , sleep and stay on their travels.

I give OUTBACK STAFF of Stone Mountain, Georgia, a FIVE STAR RATING !!!

Therefore if you are planning to visit Stone Mountain Park this vacation season, make it a point to go by and see Jeff, Leslie, and Caroline at OUTBACK, and tell them that OurTown sent you !"

If you need transporation while in Atlanta, Ga. make sure to Only call, LE CAT TAXI' S, Mr. Robinson. He will make sure you will get where you need to go !   (404) 903-4580 .

Surely you are wondering about the title of this article by now...It is based on a big hit movie with Sidney Poitier, that was sung by LuLu...Click on the link below, and listen.


For more information about family groups, and other specials, please call Mr. Jeff Winter at 770-498-5400 .




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