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Snellville Institute of Learning, Inc.is lead by passionate educator---Donna Aker

From Snellville, Georgia

Snellville Institute of Learning, Inc.is lead by passionate educator---Donna Aker
By Tom Livsey, OurTown National News Editor,

From time to time, OurTown Media assigns their local editors to go out and research their local neighborhoods, from coast to coast, in order to discover some of the best community leaders in each region of the United States.

Being one of the best hyper local on line news site, OurTown Media takes pride in having representation in each zip code in the nation, and exposing the ,'Good News', that is regularly overlooked by national media outlets.

This is the case today, especially when ,'Bad news sells TV commercials, and newspaper ads, some news outlets are becoming aware of the need to promote and profit from exposing the good, instead of the bad events around the world.

For example, check out Mrs. Donna Aker's motivation for creating Snellville Institute Inc . :

Here is what you can expect to be able to experience:

What?? $10 hour tutoring
When? Monday - Thursday 3:30 - 6:30
Who am I? I am Donna Maria Licata Aker , CEO of Snellville Institute of Learning, Inc., an a proud daughter of an Italian immigrant, with a passion for teaching.
Where? 2325 E. Main Street, Snellville, GA
Why? Because every student deserves a quality education and assistance to succeed in their academic life. Without hope, education is lost.

All of the institute tutors are certified teachers and are ready to help YOUR student. So, if High School structure is not working? Why not try planning your diploma your own way to complete your degree and to progress with YOUR life...

"As a first generation Sicilian Italian woman I can tell you that school was my refuge from a strict, oppressive household that thought that my education was for me to be a better wife and mother. Although I wanted to be married and have children, I always knew that I needed more than that. I love be around others and I love to use my brain to solve problems.

It lead me to being a Spanish and Math teacher. But I soon realized that there was so much more that was needed by my students. When the federal government started our testing regime, I knew my time as a teacher was numbered.

I became a local president of a NEA affiliate to speak out against these damaging academic conditions. But politics is ugly. And it is a quagmire of labyrinths not meant to solve anything except the needs of those that are the politicians. We are losing our beautiful children and their futures because of selfish people in important positions", reveals Snellville Institue's CEO.

She adds, "As we begin Black History month, let's understand that this is Everyone's month. It remembers and celebrates all the hardwork. toil, disappointments, challenges and accomplishments of all people who saw a wrong and made it right.

That is what Snellville Institute is going to do. We want ALL students/people of any race, ethnicity, language, religion, color, and age to succeed. Finishing the high school diploma is that key to the future. And then having a plan to further that path of education and career goals.

Snellville Institute can help those that want to home school, need to work and do class work at the same time, need to "drop" back in to finish the coursework they had at previous schools. There are no obstacles. We design a program to progress you towards completion of your diploma that is unique for you."

.So what can you do? The Georgia Private School Tax Credit law allows eligible private citizens and corporations to receive tax credits for donations to Student Scholarship Organizations (SSOs). SSOs will provide student scholarships to parents of eligible children who plan to attend private schools.
O.C.G.A. § 20-2A-1 thru § 20-2A-7

Anyone can donate. The powers that be use this to pay for their private schools. Well now we have a way for any student to go to a private school. We need local businesses to donate up to 75% of their income tax which in turn they can write off completely. You can contact Basic Enhancements at http://www.basicenhancements.org/ . They can give you all the details. They in turn give scholarship money to Snellville Institute to educate your child for very little out of your pocket, if any!

We are in this together. Statistics still are reporting that our black males are still the ones that dropout. http://blackboysreport.org/

Help us to show what a solution could be. Be part of the solution to this. We can do this together and get all of our children on the road to their future of prosperity and happiness.

For more information please visit their website: http://www.snellvilleinstitute.com/ , or call Mrs. Donna Aker at 770-837-2002



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