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OurTown Media Named Jet's Pizza # 1 in Snellville, Georgia !

From Snellville, Georgia

OurTown Media Named Jet's Pizza # 1 in Snellville, Georgia !
By Tom Livsey, Ourtown National News Editor,

There will be over a billion people watching The NFL Super Bowl on Feb. 2, 2014. Most of these football fans will congregate at bars and house parties.

Many people who are hosting Super Bowl house parties know that their, 'Party Reputation', is on the table, because if they do not have the best food, coldest beer, and coolest guests, they will loss the local title, 'Best Party Host In The Neighborhood !

Big Screen TVs, Pizza, Chicken Wings, Chips, Salsa, and Cold Beer will make or break the way that your guests will judge your party.

To be sure, your guest will show up at your home, dressed in so many differnet ways. Some will be dressed conservative. Some will have paint of their face. Many will be wearing their favorite NFL team's jerseys. However two things will be guranteed...they will all be hungry and thristy.

Though the jury is still out, as far as, which beer is better? Who has the biggest TV? , and who made the best chip dip? One thing is for sure, Jet's Pizza's Owner Derrick Swann earned Five Star Rating !

Best Pizza in Snellville, Ga. !

Also, you will be amazed by the family twist on their customer service.It doesn't matter weather if you order a pick-up from Mrs. Wisdom Wilburn, or having your meal delivered by Jason Brown, you will be greeted with a friendly smile.

So, if you live in the surrounding area of Snellville, Georgia, and you are hosting a Super Bowl party, or simply wanting to feed your family the best pizza in town, then call Mr. Derrick Swann's Jet's Pizza Today !

For more information, please visit their professional website: www.jetspizza.com, or call 678-344-0288 . Tell them Tom Livsey sent you.



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