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We will walk together as one -MLK Parade on Jan.20, 2014

From Snellville, Georgia

By Tom Livsey, OurTown National News Editor,

On behalf of the Snellville,  Georgia's  Mayor Kelly Kautz and Snellville City Council, want to invite everyone to celebrate Dr. King Jr.'s Birthday. Snellville welcomes people of every color and every hue, to walk on Monday January 20, 2014. The time is right to right the wrongs. The time is right to make a difference for our American future.

Though the roads might be closed, on Monday. The roads for humanity will be wide open. So make sure to come and take part in the celebration, as the greatest city in Georgia, consisting of all colors, come together to create a rainbow of LOVE !

Pastor Elijah Collins and Mayor Kelly D. Kautz are proud to invite everyone to participate in Snellville’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day March and Celebration. This event will be held on Monday, January 20, 2014. The event is sponsored by New Jerusalem Baptist Church, Snellville United Methodist Church, Mayor Kelly D. Kautz and the City of Snellville.

Line-up for the march will begin at 10:30 am at New Jerusalem Baptist Church on Dogwood Road in Snellville, GA. The march will start at 11:00 am and participants will march down Dogwood to North Road and down North Road to Oak Road. Participants will cross Highway 78 and conclude the march at Snellville United Methodist Church.

Once at Snellville United Methodist Church the first 200 participants will be treated to a turkey dinner and entertainment by local dancers and choirs inside SUMC Fellowship Hall.

“This is a vision that Pastor Collins had three years ago. We were able to work together and make it a reality. Now in our third year it is rewarding to see how much the event and the number of participants grows each year. It is also heartwarming to see the diversity of the participants. Everyone in the community benefits from taking a moment to reflect and remember the messages of Martin Luther King, Jr. which are still relevant to our community today” said Mayor Kelly Kautz.

Participants for this years event will include the South Gwinnett High School Band, JROTC and basketball team, Miss Brookwood and the Chic-fil-A cow just to name a few.

The theme of the event is “Unity in the Community”. This is a theme that has been used in the past, “we are still striving for unity in the community” said Pastor Collins.

Anyone can participate in the march and celebration on Monday. To learn more visit http://www.njbchurch.org




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