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Advanced Auto Customer Service Starts Early Everyday with Kevin Allen !

From Snellville, Georgia

Advanced Auto Customer Service Starts Early Everyday with Kevin Allen !
By Tom Livsey, OurTown National News Editor,

It seems like just yesterday the leaves on the trees started to bloom this past Spring of 2013. It was April then, now its late August, the last days of Summer. Where did the time go? Apparently, we were too busy working through each and every day of the two seasons, just like your trusty vehicle. Your car or truck, did not ask for a vacation. Chances are that your trusty transportation, took you on yours?

Well, the same situation happens to your vehicle. Whether or not you drive for a living, or you drive to and from your workplace, in order to make a living...Its your transportation, that you rely on to pay your bills. So during this upcoming season changes, make sure to feed your vehicle with some Advance Auto Seasoning.

"If you are lucky enough to live around Snellvile, Ga. , do yourself a favor and stop by to get some Advanced Auto Love today for your trusty car or truck, and make sure to ask for Kevin Allen", reveals Tom Livsey, OurTown National News Editor.

He adds, "I was called by my sister, early one late August morning around 8:00 am. Her Jeep's battery did not respond like it had the night before. I told her that I would drop what I was doing, and see to her car trouble. After fiddling with her battery for 30 minutes, I told her that I would call Advanced Auto up the street. So I did so, and I was greeted by an energetic young man's voice.After I told him if I could check my sister's battery...He simply said, I am waiting on you and your battery. What else can you ask for, when I asked about the cost...He said , its FREE !"

Advance Auto Parts works hard to create an environment of honesty, integrity, mutual trust and dedication. Since the company's founding by Arthur Taubman in 1932, the values haven’t changed.

Headquartered in Roanoke, Va., Advance Auto Parts, Inc., a leading automotive aftermarket retailer of parts, accessories, batteries, and maintenance items, in the United States, serves both the do-it-yourself and professional installer markets.

The company operates over 3,900 stores in 39 states, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands and employs over 55,000 of the best Team Members in the business.

Apparently, Advance Auto Parts is your one-stop shop for car battery replacement and other electrical system needs. They stock a superior selection of car batteries, starters, alternators, fuses, sensors and more. Get this, they will be happy to test your truck or car battery in one of more than 3,500 stores. Plus, they'll even install it FREE with purchase. Some out of the ordinary exclusions will apply.

Mr. Livsey's last remarks are meant to encourage or warn others in the Snellville area..."As a former investment banker, I play the, 'Devil's Advocate', when testing out brand new corporations.

However, when I helped my sister get back on the road. It was not just me. It was Kevin Allen, and the whole Advanced Auto Family, who helped me make sure she was O.K. ! Inspire and build the self-confidence and success of every Team Member. Serve our customers better than anyone else – help them succeed. Grow the business and profitability with integrity."

For more information please contact Mr. Allen at 770-972-4966.



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