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Look In The Mirror--And Smile !

From Snellville, Georgia

By Tom Livsey, OurTown National News Editor,

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As we all approach the thirties and forties, our bodies, for both women and men come to grips on gravity. Our twenty year old bodies start to feel the physics of the earth's gravitational pull, regardless of regular exercise and proper diets.

Recent physiological studies have shown that self image is tied to an individual outlook, depression and their own quality of life. All of these factors are correlated to their body image.

Well thanks to Belinda Designer of The Skinny Mirror, many,'Baby Boomers', can start to fall in love with their twenty year old bodies again. Chances are high that 'The Skinny Mirror' can become your best friend.

Mrs. Belinda reveals, "The reason The Skinny Mirror® concept came about is because I had been mildly tortured by an old mirror that I found in the attic that made me look 5-10 lbs heavier, and 2-3 inches shorter. I had this mirror for 3 years and had no idea it was distorting my image and negatively affecting how I felt about my body until I caught myself asking my boyfriend the dreaded question on a daily basis “Do I look fat? Because I feel fat, but my clothes fit the same, and I weight the same! Maybe this is just what happens in your 30′s!?”

She adds, "I was trying real hard to come to grips and accept my body as I was seeing myself in the distorted reflection. I have never in my life been this concerned and disappointed with my body. One day, I looked in my mom’s normal bedroom mirror and to my surprise, I looked skinny! The very next day, I started my mission to try to find a slimming mirror and couldn’t find one anywhere. This is how The Skinny Mirror came about."

To be sure, the Skinny Mirror is no replacement for regular workout and maintaining a proper diet routine, it is cheaper than therapy.

Contributing Source, (http://nymag.com/thecut/2013/07/skinny-mirror-cheaper-than-therapy.html)






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