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Thank you Lord for leasing us your Angel named Shelia Lumpkin Davis !

From Snellville, Georgia

Thank you Lord for leasing us your Angel named Shelia Lumpkin Davis !

By Tom Livsey, CNN/OurTown National Contributing News Editor,

Early this morning of May 4, 2013, the repo reaper came to claim the soul of Mrs. Shelia Lumpkin Davis for Our Lord. It was not because of non-payment. It was because we all are on lease put here on God's Green Earth to share his love.

Eventually, after a lifetime of sewing his Christianity, we all, if blessed, will be resting on the right side of God. Surely, Shelia is being affectionately embraced today by Our Maker, by way of Jesus Christ.

She was an active follower of His Word. She was never afraid to show her faith, no matter where she walked throughout her journey, (Psalms 23).

Although we as humans are sometimes stingy with those we love, life with us, when it's your time, you must go see St. Peter, and enter the 'Pearly Gates of Heaven'.

It is normal for family and friends to challenge the divinity of their faith. Emotions and comforting words have gone array. Times like these is when we all need to pray for direction. For regardless of a sadden outcome, peace will sustain us, because we all know where Shelia resides for ever after. Mrs. Davis. One can only hope to follow the spiritual path that she has blazed all the days of her life.

You are an angel now Mrs. Davis, and I am so proud to have known you on earth, as my cousin. Until we meet again, you can rest now, and rest assured, that you will be gratefully missed, but never forgotten. Shelia never took the easy road. She fought through endless battles of a debilitating Diabetes disease. Today, she has earned her 'Wings'. Watch over us angel. Job Well Done....

Please listen to this youtube Angela Winbush, 'Angel'.


One Love, Shelia !


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