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From Snellville, Georgia

 Kids Need Some Good Times America---Kidsplosion to the Rescue !

By Tom Livsey, CNN National News Editor,
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As the spring days get longer, and the school days come to a close, thousands of parents are at a crossroad, when it comes to daycare for their elementary and middle school age kids during the summer break.

Not to mention, about 72% of the parents are single, or divorce, and have limited income to find the proper facility for their young ones.

Most are single mothers, who brings home the bacon, and fry it in the pan, while paying Peter to pay Paul. Life is no rose garden, and is not even an apple tree for struggling single parents, who are trying their best, just to get by.

Now the real dilemma, is where to place your children? Should you place them in a church summer camp, or a community daycare, where all they will receive, is just a sandwich and soda, at $100 a week per child.

Let's take this ambiguous situation further, what to do, when one of your kids, exemplifies a real talent, like being able to act, sing, or dance.

How would you feel if you could possibly place he/she in an 'American Idol' type summer camp ?

How would you feel as a parent, knowing that you are giving your talented child a platform to get the best professional exposure, in order to expose them to the world of art and performance.

Wouldn't you feel better enrolling your child in a talent summer camp, where they will excel, instead of fail, at an outdoor boot camp ?

Well Now with the help of a special person, Ms. Carlena Evans, you might be able to provide your child with encouraging professional instructors, at the same price, as your local daycare intern.

Carlena J Evans ME.d, is a visionary with extraordinary purpose. Ms. Evans is a woman whose mission is to ensure every child and teen realize their worth, potential, and abilities.

Enriched with an amazing academic and scholastic resume, Carlena Evans graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Communication and a minor in English from Cheyney University and was awarded her Master of Education from University of Pittsburgh Spring 2010, all while defying the odds of being a single parent.

Her desire is for all youth (and adults) to realize that nothing is impossible! Ms. Evans is a tireless and outstanding advocate for children, women, students, and mothers everywhere.

While Carlena has achieved many successes, she is without hesitation to recognize "God made me who I am, without him I would not be. ..Kidsplosion is HIS vision and I am honored to be used."

Realizing that the summer is a big time for children and teens needing something to do, we partner with summer camps around each host city, allowing our members to enroll at a reduced rate. (The more members enrolled, the greater opportunity for our own FREE summer camps.)

Also during the summers, Kidsplosion members will be urged to volunteer for a number of community building projects. Members will help to build parks, feed the homeless, and many other character building activities.

These activities will also help to build up each community and show our urban children in a positive light. For our teen members, we partner with local businesses to provide summer employment for them.

There is an enormous amount of information for both the parent and the child to digest. The best way to check out the great inexpensive opportunity is to listen to Ms. Evans creation on line every Sunday at 2:00 pm, for Teensplosion, and at 3:00 pm for Kidsplosion eastern time.

You will be able to call in and ask questions, about the upcoming events, and availability for your precious child. Where would you be now, if Carlena was around when you were nine years old ? Well she is available for your nine year old today !

Here is a list of information below:

Kidsplosion Radio:

Kidsplosion Radio (KPS) is the most EXPLOSIVE youth radio show around! Who wants to listen to boring radio shows that talk about things you don’t want to hear about? No One!! That’s why we’ve created a show just for you!

On KPS radio we talk about all the things that are cool to you. Like, why do parents trip so much, tips on making good grades, and some of the frustrations of school.

When you tune in, it’s all about YOU! At KPS we play games, give away free stuff, have celebrity guests, and play the music you and your friends want to hear.

Do you have something you really want to say? Well, we want to hear from you. Tune in to Kidpslosion Radio every Sunday at 3:00 pm eastern !

Kidsplosion.tv (coming soon)

Upcoming Events

Good Times Family Reunion Tour

Our first tour date will be Saturday, June 15 in Atlanta at the Georgia International Convention Center. Come one, Come all its FREE and open to the public.

This event will feature ALL of the original cast of the show, will have a 70's theme (with contests for best costume, afro etc.) and include and local celebrity hosts.

We will be celebrating this iconic cast, unity, family, and wholesome age appropriate entertainment. And with Kidsplosion hosting, we will definitely have some fun for the kids!

City: Atlanta, GA
Date: 6/15/2013 12:00 AM

Kidsplosion Summer Camp

This year we are at multiple locations! Email kidsplosion@live.com to find the one closest to you!
City: Atlanta
Date: 6/3/2013 12:00 AM

Check out our event live or watch previous event on our new site Kidsplosion.TV! Find out how much fun we are ALWAYS having with Kidsplosion! www.kidsplosion.tv

If you recognize the severity in our children’s' lack of role models and would like to help us provide them age-appropriate entertainment, please feel free to donate.

Donations will be used to provide memberships for children who simply cannot afford the $25 membership.

We pray a special blessing on each and every person who can help us, by giving to Kidsplosion!

All we can do is help teach those young enough to accept training and teaching, before your little girl or boy succumb to the streets.

For more information please check out their website: www.kidsplosion.com, or listen on line Sunday afternoons at 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm at blis.fm

Make sure to tell Carlena that Promised Land sent you, for your small community discount...Let's help her, help your child, please !


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Need your help in organizing a Youth Revival in Snellville Georgia

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