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From Snellville, Georgia

  Story contact:  Aaron Bovos

Deputy County Administrator






(Lawrenceville, Ga., March 7, 2013) – The Board of Commissioners on Tuesday approved a lease agreement with R.W. Management for a new Georgia State Patrol post in Gwinnett. The post will be located in a portion of the old Edwin Watts Golf Shop at 1645 Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth.


The $31,000 lease was approved for one year with two one-year renewal options; a permanent facility will be considered in the future. Funding for the post will be paid from the Gwinnett County Police Department’s special justice fund, which receives revenue from confiscated assets and the sale of property associated with illegal drug and narcotics activity.


“The new state patrol post will be a great benefit to our residents,” said Board Chairman Charlotte Nash. “We are thankful for the partnership with the Sheriff and Police departments, the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Georgia State Patrol to provide additional resources in the county.”


Georgia State Patrol announced last November that 35 state troopers would be assigned to the I-85 corridor in Gwinnett to respond to incidents in an effort to improve the flow of traffic along the interstate. Funding for the officers is being provided by the Georgia Department of Transportation. “The increased presence of our patrol officers along with the new post will help alleviate traffic backups on this heavily traveled roadway,” said Maj. Hank Fielding of the Georgia State Patrol.


Gwinnett Place CID Director Joe Allen said, “The troopers’ presence will go a long way in combating the crime perception and be seen as a positive investment by the area businesses.”


“I-85 is the gateway into Gwinnett so we’re grateful to the county and the Georgia State Patrol for helping us make transportation safe and convenient for everyone who commutes in the Gwinnett Village area,” said Chuck Warbington, Gwinnett Village CID director.





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