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Trade Dollars start to replace trade-ins at car dealerships

From Snellville, Georgia

Trade Dollars start to replace trade-ins at car dealerships
By Tom Livsey, Topix National News Editor,

Trade-ins are used all the time at new car dealerships---Trade dollars should be used too !

So, if new car dealerships want to rotate both their new and used cars in 2014, they should think about a real source of buyers, and an untapped profit source, as a New Year's Resolution.

Start accepting trade dollars from business owners, like Southern Barter Club.

Barter clubs like Southern Barter Club, brings three worlds of commerce together. Number one is the networking with other local businesses, and the second aspect is to ability to trade their services or products amongst each other, instead of draining the limited cash flow, for services or products they would have to spend their limit cash reserves for, before joining a barter club.

Even more importantly, is to keep money in their local communities around the country. Barter boost local community revenue !

New car dealerships have used the trade in program for years to bring in customers for their new cars. They offer potential customers the ability to bring their existing cars in, and trade them in as a form of barter against the cost of a new vehicle.

Due to limited car space. It is crucial to rotate their inventory, in order to purchase more new cars delivered. That's why, we all have seen numerous car dealership commercials that boost, "Bring in your old car, and we will give you $3,000, even if your car won't crank.." Car dealers who start to include trade dollars, can also sell their old inventory in 2014, in trade dollars given to their sale reps as commissions.

The reason is simple. New car dealers must sell their current lot of cars, before they can be able to fund newer cars of the next year, and have a space for new inventory. The use of trade in promotions, help to encourage car owners the ability to consider the possibility of trading their present car in for a certain amount of money, that will be used a down payment on a new car.

The process has been known in the car industry as "Hi & Lo Balling". It refers to the ability of car dealers to lo ball your trade in, and hi ball your future purchase. The bottom line is to push their new cars to your bank to finance the difference, anyway.

Just watch a NFL football game, and you will be forced to watch up to four car commercials every TV timeout.That adds up to sixty car promos throughout a three hour NFL game.Its obvious, that car dealers are banking on flooding you mind with their car brand. By the end of the game you will know more about a car, than you will about a NFL player, trust me.

General managers of car dealerships nationwide might ask themselves, "What are we going to do with 'Trade Dollars' ?" Well there are more pros than cons.

First , they can bring in new business. Second, they can tap a business owner market, that trade for what their business needs are through trade, instead of cash. Third, they will not have to deal with broken down trade in cars, for their service department to charge you for repairs. Four, they can use trade dollars to give to their top producers, instead of cash.

The only con is that your used car manager will be out of a job !

For more information about how easy it is to start adding ,'"We take trade dollars here", in your existing commercials, and get more details about how to implement this profit center, please visit www.southernbarterclub.com Make sure to put Tom Livsey in the referral box, and ask for your OurTown Discount.


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