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On this Birthday of Jesus Christ parents need faith in their children health care more than ever !.

From Snellville, Georgia

On this Birthday of Jesus Christ parents need faith in their children health care more than ever !.

By Tom Livsey , OurTown National News Editor,

Obamacare deadline was on December 23, 2013. It came two days before Christmas. Still millions of parents are uncertain about providing for their children health care.Now more than ever families need faith from above, when it comes to the assurance of medical coverage.

There is nothing worse than to see your loved ones suffer from illnesses. There is nothing worse than to be unable to find a cure to ease their pains. There is nothing worse than being a father, who can not provide medical care for his family, because this fact, makes him feel less than a man, and a father.

Well no matter your religion, language, or ethnicity, comes a man who doctors those who are uninsured, or have to be faced with an enormous deductible. His name is Dr. Mel Colon , of International Medical Clinic of Gwinnett County, in Doraville, Georgia. Its Dr. Colon's commitment to community and passion, that drives his practice, and his clinic full of similar doctors in Doraville, Ga.

• Family Practice

• Internal Medicine

• Diagnostic Ultrasound/For Many Parts of the Body

• Urgent Care

• Foot, Ankle and Leg Surgery/Podiatry

• Gynecology

• ENT (Medical and Surgical Treatment of the Ear, Nose and Throat)

• Orthopedic Surgeon

• Sports Medicine

• Immigration Physicals

• Auto and Work Injuries/Disability Physicals

• On-site Diagnostic Ultrasound, Echocardiograms, X-ray, MRI, CT scans, Lab (Blood tests), EKG, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy

There is no reason why he has amassed a team of doctors who can treat every illness in your family in one location. In the most diverse county in Metro Atlanta, Dr. Colon made sure to employ doctors and employees to be able to communicate in over ten languages with those who have been turned away from major hospitals , because they lack insurance coverage.

International Medical Center is no emergency room at Grady, Gwinnett Medical, or Emory Eastside. They are a one stop center, where you can feel like family. They understand your pain. Moreover, they understand, that you need to provide medical solutions for their family, even if you are unemployed, under insured, or not insured at all..

International Medical Clinics (IMC) has developed a new and uniquely innovative model of healthcare delivery to exclusively serve uninsured populations. This multi-physician specialty center effectively addresses the healthcare needs of the expanding multi-cultural uninsured community, one of America’s top ten national concerns.

IMC accomplishes this mission by honoring and respecting cultural diversity, conducting ongoing focus groups to identify the needs and issues of different populations, providing substantive and skills-based healthcare education, and offering reduced medical fees.

Dr. Colon knows that life is no rose garden. Even great people in a bad economy will go through bad times. The unemployed and the self-employed face the fact that their family medical coverage is not adequate.

So, International Medical Clinic, is set up to accept no insurance. They are even set up to accept trade dollars for their medical service.

Mr. Mel Colon is a featured member of   Southern Barter Club. Its a club business owners and entrepreneurs can become a member for a small initial fee, and then be able to trade their crafts, services, or products, that can then be used to barter for services your family might need, like plumbing, lawn care, heating and air, and even more importantly, medical needs!

For more information, please call his clinic today, and talk to his personable staff to schedule a visit...678-547-0000.

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