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Rappitup Sacks Help Drivers Keep Their Eyes On The Road While Driving.

From Snellville, Georgia

Rappitup Sacks Help Drivers Keep Their Eyes On The Road While Driving.

By Tom Livsey, Topix National News Editor,
American is being terrorized daily on our roadways, and the predators are not from the Middle East. They are teens and soccer moms who are texting while driving.

From President Obama to national celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres, all has come publicly to challenge inventors to come up with products and service to address to growing epidemic.

Ellen warns," Someone need to come up with a cure to solve this deadly activity. Its the worse thing you can do while you are driving."

She adds," I know people say, what if its something important, but really most of these text are about dinner, or an dirty picture."

So, a wireless security company located in Mesa, Arizona has established a new sector in personal protection and safety.

The Rappitup Wireless Security Company rolls out their new website, www.rappitup.co, featuring the new multi-purpose cell phone security pocket that eliminates all incoming and outgoing signals.

With this new technology everyone with a cell phone can protect their identity, and ALL private data stored on it. Parents can protect their teenagers from distracted driving accidents, and everyone can prevent unwanted GPS tracking by private and government entities.

CEO and Chief Engineer Daniel K. Hilburn Sr. created the “Stealth” model Rappitup in late 2012 in order to help protect ordinary citizens from identity theft and quickly realized the multi-purpose nature of his patented technology.

Mr. Hilburn founded his company on January 14, 2013, the same date he filed the patent with the United State Patent Office.
In production are other models for tablets, notebooks and laptops as well as R&D projects for home and vehicle applications.

For more information please visit their informational wwww.rappitup.co Email: info@rappitup.net .or contact the CEO Mr. Daniel Hilburn at 602-422-3259


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