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Fed Shut Down Tonight At Midnight ?

From Snellville, Georgia

Fed Shut Down Tonight At Midnight ?

By Twomucht, OurTown National Editor,

Hundreds of thousands of federal employees are clocking in today at work, for the last time. If the federal government can't work things out, many of these employees may not be clocking in for a while to come. The federal government shutdown is scheduled to go into effect, Friday at midnight.

The partial shutdown, which could start at midnight Friday, leaves workers with many questions — some serious, others more mundane: How long, if at all, will they be away from their jobs? Who will be deemed "essential" and be told to come to work? Should I cancel the kids' daycare? Will I still be able to afford that pre-planned vacation?

About 800,000 federal government workers would be affected by a shutdown. Congress would have to decide if furloughed employees could recoup back pay if they have to stay home.



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Posted By: MSAW | 2/20/2012 9:12:01 PM
Wow, what a great scoohl! It must be fabulous to have made such an impact on your family already. I've been interested in these sorts of scoohls ever since learning about Alice Waters' Edible Schoolyard many years ago, long before I had kids.

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