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$10 Might Not Buy You Love---But It Can Buy You A Hair Do!

From Snellville, Georgia

$10 Might Not Buy You Love---But It Can Buy You A Hair Do!

Believe it or not, but even in these hard economic times, there is a hair salon in Decatur where you can get your hair done starting at ten dollars . Suite 20 is the brain child of Kristy Gaiters . You will be amazed with the quality that a Hamilton bill, (U.S. Ten Dollar Bill) can get you.

Suite 20 Day Spa , is conveniently located at 4635 Flat Shoals Parkway in Decatur, Georgia. They just had their Grand Opening in mid April 2010. That's when they also raffled off a 2008 Dodge Caliber, in an effort to start their campaign of giving back to the community.

The winner was Tiffany Rieves, a 21-year-old Stone Mountain resident badly in need of transportation. However, she almost missed out on claiming her prize, because she thought someone was playing a bad April Fool's Joke on her. Eventually, she found out that her mom had put her name in the hat with the purchase of a ten dollar raffle ticket.

Their motto is "Home of the $10 Do". The day spa is a spacious and luxurious oasis retreat. Quality is first and foremost ingredient in the Gaiters service equation.

The concept came to Mrs. Gaiters while she was visiting in New Jersey ten years ago. She had a vision of creating a hair salon that everyone could afford. With the backing of her entrepreneurial husband, Ceasar Gaiters, a very successful home builder, her dream is now a reality.

The concept is simply hard to fathom, but really works. Here is how they are able to prosper, while saving their growing clientele serious cash.

A wash and sets are $10 and the roller wrap is affectionately known as "The Doobie" and " The Flat Wrap". If you need additional services then an additional five dollar bill is added. Like if you want a trim, that will be an additional $5. Deep condition? Then add another five bucks.

They operate the large salon on a Henry Ford assembly line basis. You get only what you need. Though they work on volume , all the quality is maintained by keeping a grip on the organizational structure and employing only the best highly qualified hair stylists in town. You will not sacrifice the level of quality for price.

Now are you ready for the kicker ? Suite 20 Day Spa is also a place to pamper all your beauty needs too !

How about a manicure or pedicure? How about having someone to ease the tensions away by getting a relaxing massage? Or are you concerned with your weight or sugar intake, then Suite 20 has a full-time dietitian on board as well.

Suite 20 will soon be synonymous to the best spa in Georgia.

But the good works of the Gaiters do not stop with making sure that the folks of metro Atlanta always look their best. The Gaiters are passionately involved with the communities of surrounding neighborhoods of Atlanta.

Case in point, this coming July 10, 2010 at the Holiday Conference Inn in Decatur, Ga. Suite 20 will reach out to the Gwinnett community and not only raffle off a BMW, but will also become a sponsor of the brand new elementary school located in the Promised Land Community.

The Anderson Livsey Elementary School is only the third school in Gwinnett County School System that is named after two pioneering minority families in the county.

The school's name, which was initially named Snell Elementary, has been renamed as Anderson Livsey Elementary and is located south of Snellville, Ga, off Centerville Hwy.

The point is, that the Gaiters are continuing to keep their eyes on the prize. The foot mark that they want to leave here on earth is based on their strong faith in God and their purpose to help others reach their own possibilities.

For more information please visit their website: www.suite20salon.com You can email them at gaiter3@yahoo.com or call them throughout the week at 404-286-9664.

Please tell them that Tom Livsey sent you and request your Ourtown discount.

Let us all give Suite 20 Day Spa our haircare and beauty business. More importantly, lets give the Gaiters our community support. The Gaiters deserve what they are able to give...And they are giving Georgia more than I have time to tell you !


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