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From Snellville, Georgia


Veterans of the American Military Forces were honored Thursday night by song at Norton Elementary School in Snellville,Ga.The fourth and fifth grade chorus sang their hearts out in a tribute to a local slain U.S. soldier,Corporal Jonathan Ryan Ayers ( May 4,1984-July,13,2008 ),from Snellville,Ga..

They sang songs to a packed house.Full of proud family members and friends,the chorus performed beautifully under the direction of two of the most inspirational directors in the country,Mrs.Joneen Padgett and Mrs.Kelly Mraz.The world needs more individuals like these two to teach us all how to sing together,instead of fighting each other.

From old United States song favorites like, 'Yankee Doodle','Oh Susanna','This Land Is Your Land' to 'Fifty Nifty United States','TAPS' and 'God Bless America',the student chorus memorized every word.

But not to be out done, the faculty of Norton Elementary joined in the school musical by singing,'Let There Be Peace On Earth' and 'Do You Recall September?'They too shined;perhaps ridding the old cliche..."Those who can.... do.... and those who can't.... teach".Teach on teachers of Norton Elementary School !

Loud cheers and applauds filled the cafeteria at the end of every song,especially at the end of the performance,when roses were presented to the Ayers family and the two chorus directors.Whispers from some parents could be heard saying to each other "God bless our teachers,they are underpaid but still teach our kids to perform at this level of excellence".

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Posted By: jo jo stewrat | 5/20/2009 5:22:38 PM
i was in that group of courus peeps.

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