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Great Halloween Festival at Norton Elementary

From Snellville, Georgia




Great Halloween Festival at Norton Elementary

The Halloween Festival at R . L . Norton Elementary School was a successful event.Every grade was well represented during Friday's function.Families came out to enjoy family time together.As a whole,other than Christmas....Halloween is the only other holiday that has the ability to bring out the 'Kid'... out of all of us.The music and the challenging games for all ages linked both parents,teachers and the students together.

Many parents might wonder why do their kid get so excited when they might run into a fellow classmate in the shopping mall or supermarket.They witness their child hug and dance around with the other,while thinking to themselves--they just saw each other a few hours ago at school.

The answer is that although they might be in the same classroom,only at recess do they really have a chance to talk and get to know each other without getting in trouble.Moreover most of the life long friendships that can be traced back to a student's elementary school years ,the majority of them were grown during afterschool activities such as events like a 'Halloween Festival' at Norton Elementary School in Snellville,Ga.


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Posted By: Addrienne | 9/19/2011 12:50:49 AM
Now that's stuble! Great to hear from you.

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