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Local News
  1. Ask Jim's Hard Drive Recovery Service---if you need a new computerTue, 18 Nov 2014 17:38:38 EST
    By Tom Livsey, OurTown National News Editor,Hard drive data recovery is possible on nearly every type of computer system. Generally, hard drives fail or are inaccessible due to one of two common reasons:Physical Crash: When a hard drive is making ticking or scratching noises due to old or worn out parts it can lose the data contained within. More...
  2. Career Connections Exhibition connects middle schoolers to career interestsThu, 13 Nov 2014 20:14:49 EST
    Gwinnett County Public Schools will hold its first Career ConnectionsExhibition at the Gwinnett Center on Friday, November 14, 2014, from 10a.m.until 1 p.m. More...
  3. Do You Love Fresh Lobster ?Fri, 31 Oct 2014 02:42:00 EST
    There's a new food fest in town! Atlanta Lobster Festival is coming to Candler Park on Sunday, November 2nd from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and is sure to provide the ultimate in seafood delicacies... More...
  4. What makes waitresses cry? No tip...Tue, 14 Oct 2014 18:40:44 EST
    By Tricia Bailey, OurTown National News Editor, Whose fault is this ? How did it get this way? Most Americans are unaware of the unfair wages of servers, especially women who are sexually exploited and abused and have to deal with low wages and solely rely on tips for their living expenses. More...
  5. American Patriots UniteMon, 13 Oct 2014 14:22:01 EST
    By Deb Howard, OurTown National News Editor, In times like these, its even hard to hide behind a rock, when the rock is owned by China. There is a call to arm, just like the minutemen at the start of our country's revolution. American Patriots are needed now. There are needed like then, just to represent themselves.... More...
  6. How Southern Barter Club can help businesses succeed Now!Sun, 12 Oct 2014 15:42:23 EST
    By Tom Livsey, OurTown National News Editor, Bartering is a very valuable and much needed asset for businesses of any size. Bartering is essential for our economy to survive in these tough times, especially for retailers of all types, both online and brick and mortar.In this era of America's slow economy, business confusion and lack of financial support, successful business owners are returning to one of the oldest ways of doing business. Recently, bartering ... More...
Snellville News
  1. Highway 72 widening to resume in springFri, 21 Nov 2014 09:08:06 GMT
    The four-laning of Hwy. 72 in Madison County is scheduled to resume in early 2015. More...
  2. Gwinnett Teacher of the Year Surprised with Proclamation at SchoolFri, 21 Nov 2014 01:43:52 GMT
    Gwinnett Teacher of the Year Dr. Sharon Smith was surprised with a proclamation from the city Monday as Councilperson Barbara A. Bender hand delivered it to her classroom at Brookwood Elementary School. Also in attendance were Cheri Carter, principal of Brookwood Elementary School and Perry Roberts, executive director of Institutional Development at Gwinnett Technical College who was acting Principal for a Following the presentation, Carter invited Bender to visit the fourth grade classroom of Jeane Sammons. More...
  3. Ideation Symposium to Launch Entrepreneurial High School StudentsWed, 19 Nov 2014 17:32:27 GMT
    In an effort to increase the entrepreneurial spirit of the city's youth, a Global Entrepreneurship Week Ideation Symposium event will take place Wednesday. The event will run from 10:10 a.m. to 1:10 p.m. in the auditorium at South Gwinnett High School and will help young business hopefuls from South Gwinnett, Brookwood, Central Gwinnett and Mill Creek high schools. More...
  4. Happy Veteran's Day Wed, 12 Nov 2014 02:02:05 GMT
    As a national news editor for many media outlets around the world, I decided to share Veteran'S Day with my great friend and leader of Snellville, Georgia . Mr. Tom Witts , He is the Pro Tem Mayor of our great city, today. More...
  5. Applications Sought for Snellville Christmas ParadeMon, 10 Nov 2014 20:57:31 GMT
    The application deadline is Nov. 15. Applications must be sent by fax at 770-857-4570 or via by email to mc30078@gmail.com . Applications can be downloaded at www.snellvilletourism.com/events/christmas-parade-application . More...
  6. Snellville Mayor Teaches Britt Students About Local GovernmentSat, 08 Nov 2014 00:47:10 GMT
    On Wednesday, Britt Elementary School third graders gathered in the media center for a lesson on the jobs and branches of local government from a local expert - Snellville Mayor Kelly Kautz. Kautz Skyped in from City Hall for an interview, explaining what she does, who works under her in the executive branch of the Snellville city government and how the branches of government have different roles in the creation of and execution of local laws. More...
  7. Local Artist Featured in Pottery Displays at Snellville City HallFri, 07 Nov 2014 20:36:43 GMT
    "My handmade pieces can vary from very earthy pieces, which embrace the colors of nature, to the very whimsical pieces which celebrate the unexpected in the use of color and the ease of shape," she said. "I am very inspired by the colors of the earth. More...
  8. Get to Know the Apple of Our Eye; Celebrating Our Team Members All Year LongThu, 06 Nov 2014 21:35:04 GMT
    Primrose School of Five Forks selects Ms. Jill Braun as the Apple of Our Eye for the month of November! Ms. More...
CNN Top Stories
  1. New Beyonce video rocks the WebSat, 22 Nov 2014 20:19:44 EST
    Social media is all abuzz with the latest video from the Queen B herself -- Beyonce. More...
  2. Red flags missed at NewtownSat, 22 Nov 2014 15:36:00 EST
    Adam Lanza had not left his room for three months before the massacre. He was anorexic when he died, according to a state agency report. More...
  3. Report: Lanza a loner, anorexicSat, 22 Nov 2014 13:22:52 EST
    A state agency finds Adam Lanza was in deteriorating mental health in the time leading up to the Sandy Hook shooting. More...
  4. FSU gunman sent out 10 packagesFri, 21 Nov 2014 22:11:48 EST
    The man identified as the gunman who wounded three people at Florida State University's library apparently sent packages to several acquaintances before the shooting, according to one of them. More...
  5. Family starts drive to save their pit bullSat, 22 Nov 2014 20:32:41 EST
    A Louisiana family is fighting to protect its beloved pit bull from a "vicious dogs" ordinance. More...
  6. Cop held in Mexico's missing 43 caseSat, 22 Nov 2014 18:02:41 EST
    A top local police official in Mexico was arrested in connection with the disappearance of 43 college students, authorities said. More...
Atlanta News
  1. Local news station surprises Atlanta firefighter with 13 kidsSat, 22 Nov 2014 16:41:21 GMT
    Local news station surprises Atlanta firefighter with 13 kids Thirteen is less than they used to have. They had 22 at one time. More...
  2. Electric Bikes, On A Roll In Europe, Start To Climb In U.S.Sat, 22 Nov 2014 00:22:28 GMT
    For Joel Bowman, decades of bike commuting started feeling like hard work. So the 66-year-old Atlanta resident recently switched to an electric bicycle and now when he rides Bowman feels like the wind is at his back. More...
  3. Twin Cities music best betsFri, 21 Nov 2014 20:02:41 GMT
    Young sisters Johanna and Klara Soderberg grew up near Stockholm, Sweden, but sing like they have spent decades in the rural American South. The pair began composing their own dusty folk tunes as First Aid Kit in 2007 but earned worldwide attention after uploading their cover of the Fleet Foxes' "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" the following year. More...
  4. First Slice 11/21/14: Ethics charges against Cobb chairman over Braves deal dismissedFri, 21 Nov 2014 16:07:14 GMT
    The Cobb County Ethics Board has cleared Chairman Tim Lee of complaints brought against him over how he secretly wooed the Atlanta Braves to the suburban county. The board determined the officials couldn't rule on two counts raised and the citizen who filed the complaint requested the final allegation be dropped. More...
  5. City seeks $200,000 to plan Turner Field neighborhoods' futureFri, 21 Nov 2014 12:02:36 GMT
    Atlanta is starting to plan the future of the neighborhoods around Turner Field after the Braves move in 2017 to a new stadium in Cobb County. The Atlanta City Council voted Nov. 17 to apply for a grant of up to $200,000 from the Atlanta Regional Commission to craft a redevelopment plan for the Summerhill, Peoplestown, Mechanicsville, Pittsburg and Grant Park neighborhoods. More...
  6. 1,000 Thanksgiving Boxes to the Southwest Atlanta CommunityFri, 21 Nov 2014 07:57:55 GMT
    The Cascade United Methodist Church congregation in conjunction with the renowned CUMC New Advent Choir will continue their tradition of bridging the gap for those who are less fortunate in the Southwest Atlanta community this Thanksgiving holiday season. The annual New Advent Choir Thanksgiving Basket Distribution Project will be held on Monday, November 24, 2014, 10:00 a.m. at Cascade United Methodist Church, 3144 Cascade Road, Atlanta. More...
  7. Atlanta readies for reaction to Ferguson caseFri, 21 Nov 2014 03:48:20 GMT
    Leaders in Atlanta area were preparing Thursday for protests and possible unrest as a grand jury in Missouri decides whether to criminally charge a white officer who fatally shot a black man. The Aug. 9 shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, sparked weeks of protests and some violence, including looting and rioting. More...
  8. Hurricane Electric Expands Global Network to Metro Atlanta with Second Point-of-Presence at Colo AtlThu, 20 Nov 2014 23:33:53 GMT
    Hurricane Electric , the world's largest IPv6-native Internet backbone, announced today a new Point-of-Presence at Colo Atl , Atlanta's premier colocation facility located at 55 Marietta Street, Suites 570 & 800, Atlanta, GA 30303. Colo Atl is a SSAE 16 certified facility. More...
Yolone News
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  1. Four Tips for Settling Your Tax Debt With the IRS Offer in CompromiseThu, 13 Nov 2014 07:15:33 -0600
    The IRS Offer in Compromise program is an effective way of reducing an individual's total tax debt when they meet certain qualifications. However, the IRS rejects a significant portion of these offers (currently, it is about 90%), while the granted taxpayer finds themselves paying the IRS too much money. The following paragraphs will discuss a few tips to help you successfully prepare your Offer in Compromise and eliminate all of your tax issues. More...
  2. General Eligibility Requirements and the Purpose of the Streamlined Foreign Offshore ProceduresThu, 09 Oct 2014 09:13:03 -0500
    The more liberalized Streamlined Foreign Offshore eligibility rules have been announced by the IRS on June 18, 2014. Here, taxpayers can be entitled to several benefits including 5% or 0% offshore penalty. The steps we are outlining in the article include the eligibility requirements of the new process and the expanded streamlined offshore procedures. More...
  3. Tax Lien SubordinationFri, 08 Aug 2014 11:06:00 -0500
    If the IRS filed a tax lien against your property due to unpaid taxes, and there is no way you can get it removed, it does not mean you cannot sell or refinance your house. As a matter of fact, the IRS is often interested in improving taxpayer's financial situation, which, in turn, increases your ability to pay back the debt to the government. More...
  4. Staying Current With an Offer In CompromiseThu, 31 Jul 2014 07:44:06 -0500
    Filing an Offer in Compromise is an excellent way to reduce your delinquent taxes with the IRS and you should be happy if you are successful with your offer. However did you know that if you do not stay current with your tax filing obligations that the OIC will be revoked? More...
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Health News You Need to Know
  1. Lifetime dieter feels 'unstoppable'Mon, 10 Nov 2014 15:37:50 EST
    Danyeil Durrant was 10 years old when she first began dieting. She had no idea she would be wrestling with her eating habits for the next three decades. More...
  2. How she lost 145 poundsMon, 03 Nov 2014 06:54:33 EST
    One day, Kari Ianuale had had enough. The Nazareth, Pennsylvania, resident was embarrassed to discover that her size 24 pants no longer fit. More...
  3. It's time to get your flu shot!Thu, 18 Sep 2014 16:23:56 EDT
    Flu season is about to begin, the CDC says. And health officials have a few updates to their recommendations. More...
  4. Flu shot myths addressedThu, 25 Sep 2014 10:35:35 EDT
    Flu vaccine myths can confuse people trying to decide whether to get a shot. Here are five common myths and, based on information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the truth. More...
  5. Vintage cold and flu adsThu, 25 Sep 2014 10:36:46 EDT
  6. Electrodes in brain to treat Tourette'sMon, 27 Oct 2014 06:39:33 EDT
    A pioneering procedure might be the answer to ending the misery of Tourette's syndrome. More...
  1. Stop Domestic Violence-One Billion RisingFri, 24 Oct 2014 20:00:00 GMT
    Stop Domestic Violence is a phrase that has been thrown around way too much in our society. From the NFL, corporate office, school and homewill be the topic of today's talk show with Mrs. Lisa Parsons of One Billion Rising ! Co-hosted by national host and CEO of www.getoffndrive.com ### More...
  2. Checker Classic Cab Speaks to Atlanta, Ga.Fri, 22 Aug 2014 18:30:00 GMT
    By Tom Livsey, OurTown National News Editor, Let's face it, sooner or later you will be stranded, on the side of a busy expressway, shopping mall, home, or even at work, in Metro Atlanta. There is no worse feeling for a mom or dad in need of immediate transportation for their family. Checker Classic Cab to the Rescue ! Mr. Orlando Perry, CEO of Checker Classic Cabs of Lithonia, Ga is a community oriented man. He started with a vehicle and a vision, to get his Metro Atlanta neighbors, to and fro, as its his passion to get people where they need to go safely and inexpensively. However, it would not take an airport taxi trip to find out who Mr, Orlando Perry is, and why he carries a community torch for safe transportation. It is what he learned from his dad, Theodore Perry, and longtime family friend, Mr. Henry Mosley, of Jett Taxi, in Decatur, Ga. Listen in to my national talk show, as he personally reveals to torch he wants to pass on ! He will discuss his Smart phone App to get a taxi to you 24/7 . ### More...
  3. Back To School Advice From A Third GraderSat, 26 Jul 2014 00:00:00 GMT
    Here's the thing, no more are the parents in charge of their elementary school age children. However, this can be a good thing, if you had brought them up with respect. Tonight , I am turning over my talk show to a brillant eight year old heading into the third grade. Let's listen to her give advice to other kids who are following her educational path. She will cover issues like : How to prepare for ,'Back To School' 'How To Behave In School', How To Behave At Home','Doing Homework', Respecting Your Parents, Teachers, Principal, and Fellow Students',and 'Safety' ! More...
  4. Ladies Night Out In Summer Celebration For Women !Sat, 19 Jul 2014 01:00:00 GMT
    Ladies call your former club girls and relive the yesteryear through Music. For music has a way of taking us back to the days and nights of Summer when you gathered your posse and headed to the local dance floor to express your uniquicness through song and dance. Due to overwhel;ming response, Twomucht will be our music mixer and motivational speaker. So, chill a bottle of your favorite sparkling wine or soda, and sit back and wonder. You women deserves what you all have put up with all week, to take a,'Ladies Night Out In' ! More...
  5. Billions are waiting for those who claim their stake on social media NOW !Fri, 04 Jul 2014 00:00:00 GMT
    How did we communiate with friends and familymemberstwo decades ago? Now, how are we communicating with them? Unfortunately, most of us are guilty of not being able to call, or even mail a letter to our grandmother. Social Media platforms like Face Book, and Twitter has not only made us more connected, they have also made us more impersonal. Todayfamiliesliving under the same roof,arecomfortable to text each other byway of smartphone, than knocking on their bedroom door, to say Good Night Social Media is here to stay. The same is true with smart phones, Twitter, Face Book and other social media platforms aroung the corner, this Fall of 2014. How would you like to make a quarter on each of your Face Book family and friends a month? Facebook is the largest online social network. Founded in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and fellow Harvard students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. In 2008 Facebook had 100 million users and as of March 2013 has 1.11 Billion. Facebook filed for a $5 billion IPO on February 1st 2012 and valued the company at $104 billion. Ms. Brynn Dixun will be my special host. Sheis one of the nation's leading financial advisor,and business consultant. She willeducate us about the enormous incentives awaiting those who can look into their wealthy future, if they start getting paid using social media, today. Grab a pen and pad, and listen to money speak ! ### More...
  6. How To Have Summer FunSat, 28 Jun 2014 01:00:00 GMT
    There is nothing quite like summer vacations with your family. Listen to this show, as I interveiw one of Georgia's hidden jewels, Ms. Dee Debbie Glasheen, talk about travels throughout her southern state. More...
  7. Twomucht's Ladies Night Out InSat, 21 Jun 2014 01:00:00 GMT
    Due to the huge number of requests from ladies aroundthe world Twomucht, is breaking his silence, and airing, a Ladies Night Out In Talk Show tonight at 9:00 pm eastern. Music is relevant to every life's events, be them good or bad. I have a few song request already, and I have a few for just a couple more. However, I challenge you to call in and have a friend chime in, and regress to years in the past, only music has that magic. More...
  1. No Related ItemsSun, 23 Nov 2014 00:24:25 GMT
    If you are seeing this item, it is because there are currently no items that match your criteria. More...
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US News
  1. Cops Shoot Boy, 12, Carrying 'Airsoft' Toy in ClevelandSun, 23 Nov 2014 04:42:59 GMT
    Cleveland police said the 12-year-old refused orders to put his hands up and reached for an "airsoft" toy that resembled a real firearm at a playground. More...
  2. Cops Shoot Boy, 12, Carrying Airsoft Gun in ClevelandSun, 23 Nov 2014 04:41:12 GMT
    Cleveland police said the 12-year-old refused orders to put his hands up and reached for an Airsoft toy that resembled a real firearm at a playground. More...
  3. Dad Cleaning Gun Shoots 9-Month-Old DaughterSun, 23 Nov 2014 03:17:43 GMT
    The baby was shot in the hip as her father was cleaning an illegal .45-caliber handgun in East New York. the girl is in stable condition. More...
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  1. Former Rep. Ron Paul's Federal Reserve audit plan may occur under GOP controlSun, 23 Nov 2014 04:01:25 +0000
    For several years, former U.S. Representative and presidential candidate, Ron Paul, libertarians, and some Republicans have been pushing for the scrutiny of the Federal Reserve monetary policy, its practices and have been pushing for an audit. Now... More...
  2. Beekman Mortgage Lifter Heirloom Pasta Sauce made from scratchSat, 22 Nov 2014 22:25:29 +0000
    In Upstate New York at Beekman 1802 Farms If you are a fan of the Cooking Channel then you already know the two men in classic Muck boots, heart of the farm Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge recognized as... More...
  3. Marches to the Sea: Sherman's just, Obama's unjustSat, 22 Nov 2014 22:05:32 +0000
    One hundred and fifty years ago last week, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman departed a conquered and pacified Atlanta to embark upon his militarily heralded March to the Sea. His taking of the railroad hub of the Confederacy arguably saved... More...
  4. King Memorial MARTA station nightlifeSat, 22 Nov 2014 21:58:34 +0000
    Formerly across from a housing project, the King Memorial MARTA station has become a center of cool in Atlanta. Not only are there apartments and attractions nearby, you can also walk to hip Edgewood Avenue where you'll find... More...
  5. Turkey jokes and Thanksgiving fun facts for kids and the young at heartSat, 22 Nov 2014 19:25:58 +0000
    Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, which means most kids will soon be out of school. This year, why not get them into the spirit of the delectably delicious and meaningful holiday by sharing some turkey jokes for kids and these fun... More...
  6. Deep south Texas dining with a history - McAllen, TexasSat, 22 Nov 2014 18:10:19 +0000
    When traveling, it is a double delight to come across an eatery that provides world-class dining with a true sense of the history of the area in which it is located. The Patio on Guerra in McAllen, Texas is... More...
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