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Local News
  1. College students in need to make a few thousand dollars for summer breakSun, 18 Jun 2017 17:06:28 EST
    By Tom Livsey, OurTown National News Editor, OurTown is seeking a dozen energetic college students who are majoring in journalism or advertising to sell our Article/Talk Show Campaign nationwide. More...
  2. Centerville Senior Citizen Building breaks groundWed, 14 Jun 2017 17:49:08 EST
    Seniors who will frequent the new center attended the ceremony as Board of Commissioners Chairman Charlotte Nash, District 2 Commissioner Lynette Howard, District 55 State Sen. Gloria Butler and District 93 State Rep. Darshun Kendrick More...
  3. Chin Chin Hibachi Voted Top Five By OurTown Media Wed, 14 Jun 2017 12:24:06 EST
    By Tricia Bailey, OurTown National News Editor, A portion of the history behind hibachi cooking may astound you.OurTown Media is a hyperlocal news site that is located in every zip code around the nation... More...
  4. Increase Summer sales with OurTown MediaMon, 05 Jun 2017 14:30:19 EST
    Keep your business sales as hot as the weather. Start an article/talk show campaign that will boost your business.OurTown Media is pulling out a feasible way to get your business media exposure. More...
  5. The Golden Games Create Golden Winners for LifeThu, 01 Jun 2017 22:36:28 EST
    The golden games are held every year for mature adults 50 and over, who still have the competitive spirit to have fun and win in the process... More...
  6. Ode To Anderson Livsey Elementary School Class of 2017Wed, 24 May 2017 10:03:38 EST
    By Tom Livsey, OurTown National News Editor, I want to salute the graduation Class of 2017. We are so proud of you...Especially Principal Warren, Queen Dee and Queen Livsey...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uB1D9wWxd2w More...
CNN Top Stories
  1. List of senators who say they can't support the current health care bill grows after vote is put on holdTue, 27 Jun 2017 23:14:11 GMT
    Three Republican senators announced their opposition to the current draft of the Senate health care bill Tuesday afternoon, shortly after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell decided to delay a vote on the plan until after the July 4 recess. More...
  2. McConnell: No action is not an optionTue, 27 Jun 2017 22:04:20 GMT
    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell makes a statement after a health care bill meeting with President Trump at the White House. More...
  3. President meets with GOP senators after vote delayedTue, 27 Jun 2017 22:09:25 GMT
  4. Schumer: Health care bill rotten at the coreTue, 27 Jun 2017 19:43:06 GMT
    Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) says the Senate GOP health care bill is "rotten at the core" and will not succeed in winning over the American people unless it is changed. More...
  5. Opinion: Get ready for July Fourth health care battleTue, 27 Jun 2017 23:19:31 GMT
    Senator McConnell didn't have any tricks up his sleeves on health care. In his first major test as the leader of a party responsible for governing rather than obstructing, Senator McConnell fell short of the end zone. The Senate Majority Leader is shrewd enough to know when he is fighting a losing battle. He decided that his party needs to regroup or they would suffer defeat. More...
  6. Companies across the world hit in ransomware attackWed, 28 Jun 2017 01:17:36 GMT
Snellville News
  1. Bruce ManeyMon, 26 Jun 2017 23:08:00 GMT
    Bruce Noel Maney, 93, a native of Banks County, passed away on Sunday, June 25, 2017. Mr. Maney was born on October 31, 1923, in Banks County, to son of the the late George Dewey and Mary Maxwell Maney. More...
  2. Centerville Senior Citizen Building breaks groundWed, 14 Jun 2017 22:25:52 GMT
    OFFICIALS BREAK GROUND ON Gwinnett County officials gathered at the future site of the Centerville Senior Center on Tuesday for a groundbreaking ceremony. The new center will be built adjacent to the Centerville Community Center and Centerville Branch Library on Bethany Church Road in Snellville. More...
  3. Boyette, Page, Fernsler capture top GSWA writing awardsMon, 05 Jun 2017 00:05:53 GMT
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  4. Gwinnett County 27 Mins Ago Warning: Neighbors say drone flying too close for comfortFri, 02 Jun 2017 21:47:44 GMT
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  5. Aimee Copeland's message to WGTC grads: 'Be inspired' to succeedFri, 02 Jun 2017 05:36:34 GMT
    Aimee Copeland, who inspired the nation with her fearlessness and determination to fight a flesh-eating bacteria, spoke to West Georgia Technical College graduates Thursday night about compassion, motivation and the desire for success. Copeland, a graduate of the University of West Georgia, gave the keynote address at the WGTC commencement at the school's Murphy Campus in Waco. More...
  6. New superintendent signs 3-year contractFri, 02 Jun 2017 05:36:33 GMT
    Newly hired Douglas County Schools Superintendent Trent T. North has signed a three-year contract with the Douglas County Board of Education , with an annual salary in his first year of $178,000, according to a copy of the contract of employment released Wednesday afternoon by the school system. More...
Atlanta News
  1. New Syndicated Daytime Series Couples Court With The Cutlers Begins ProductionTue, 27 Jun 2017 18:55:19 GMT
    Orion TV Production, a subsidiary of Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Inc., began production on the first season of the new syndicated, half-hour weekday strip, COUPLES COURT with The Cutlers in Atlanta, GA. this week. More...
  2. GA: Atlanta Streetcar Won't Tap Existing MARTA FundsTue, 27 Jun 2017 14:20:22 GMT
    June 26--When MARTA takes over operations of the Atlanta Streetcar, it won't create a financial burden on the rest of the public transit system. Sales taxes paid by residents of Clayton, DeKalb and Fulton counties will continue to be dedicated to existing rail and bus operations, according to the city of Atlanta. More...
  3. Birmingham bank launches equipment finance group, shuffles leadershipTue, 27 Jun 2017 09:50:57 GMT
    Birmingham's National Bank of Commerce has changed several c-suite positions as it settles in after completing its merger with an Atlanta bank earlier this year. The bank announced last year it would merge with Private Bancshares, the parent company of Private Bank of Buckhead, Private Bank of Decatur, and PrivatePlus Mortgage, which continue to operate under their current names. More...
  4. Maple Street attracting business interestTue, 27 Jun 2017 05:35:43 GMT
    Carrollton continues to draw a lot of interest from potential investors many of them are looking beyond downtown. City officials are optimistic this could bring business to nearby corridors, namely Bankhead Highway and Maple Street. More...
  5. CSO to take Fourth of July stage for 14th straight yearTue, 27 Jun 2017 05:35:42 GMT
    The 2017 Sounds of Liberty Concert by The Carroll Symphony Orchestra will provide its annual finale to the Independence Day celebration on the Carrollton City Schools campus. The performance will begin at 8 p.m. and build to a fireworks display with popular patriotic melodies. More...
  6. Program offers thousands of students summer mealsTue, 27 Jun 2017 03:30:42 GMT
    That's why the Atlanta Community Food Bank is teaming up with local grassroots organizations to make sure at-risk students have access to summer meals. Inside Voices of Faith Church in Stone Mountain, rising tenth grader Kennedy Alexander and her little brother Reuben, a ninth grader, are part of a group of teens some picking apart, some digging in, a free lunch provided to summer campers. More...
  7. Broken Social Scene share 'Stay Happy' from new LP, expand 2017 tourMon, 26 Jun 2017 23:12:08 GMT
    Broken Social Scene have just shared "Stay Happy" from their terrific new album Hug of Thunder . This song features vocals from a new addition to the BSS family, Ariel Engle , and is typically anthemic but also peppered with weird blasts of horn, not to mention some groovy flute action. More...
  8. Shooting outside Atlanta food mart leaves 1 dead, 1 injuredMon, 26 Jun 2017 18:43:45 GMT
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Yolone News
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  1. IRS Debt Relief - Helping A Taxpayer In Default To Resolve His Tax BurdenTue, 27 Jun 2017 14:53:08 -0500
    IRS debt relief becomes extremely important when a taxpayer finds that he is unable to clear his tax debt in a lump sum. Living under the burden of a tax debt is a very stressful experience for the taxpayer as well as his family. All normal activities typically must be curtailed and meeting the expenses for basic needs sometimes becomes a problem. More...
  2. Stop Wage Garnishment - Laws Exist To Ensure The Protection Of A Consumer's RightsTue, 27 Jun 2017 14:50:57 -0500
    Laws exist to protect taxpayers from confiscation of their assets. Likewise there are laws that have specific provisions regarding the collection of taxes by the IRS. These laws are important because tax collection is the principal source of revenue for the Federal government. More...
  3. A Sure-Fire Way To Know Precisely When Your IRS Tax Problems Are About To Spin Out Of ControlTue, 27 Jun 2017 14:50:34 -0500
    The IRS is obviously a huge bureaucracy and, as one might expect, the proverbial wheels can turn slowly. In routine cases of personal tax debt that do not involve unpaid payroll tax or outright fraud, it is sometimes possible to fly under the collection radar for years without incurring any IRS tax problems. And, even after you receive a collection letter or two, it's a pretty safe bet that aggressive collection action is still somewhere off in the future. More...
  4. The IRS Innocent Spouse RuleFri, 02 Jun 2017 08:59:03 -0500
    The Internal Revenue Service recognizes that often, when a joint return is filed and a tax liability exist, either party can be held jointly and severally liable. This means that either spouse could be held responsible for entire tax liability. More...
Lamont Hampton Get It Started with Volleyball Women
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Health News You Need to Know
  1. After fighting for her daughter's life, mom fears GOP health care billTue, 27 Jun 2017 15:35:34 GMT
    She's a 35-pound bundle of blonde cuteness with hard-working parents. More...
  2. Mom on Medicaid cuts: It's a punch in the gutTue, 27 Jun 2017 02:01:43 GMT
    The Senate health care bill would slash nearly a trillion dollars in Medicaid spending, according to the Congressional Budget Score. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on a five-year-old that would be affected by the cuts. More...
  3. 'Trumpcare' would send her to Mexico for birth control Mon, 26 Jun 2017 17:37:43 GMT
  4. Mom wants Planned Parenthood to stay openFri, 23 Jun 2017 19:38:54 GMT
    While pregnant with her daughter, Ariana Gonzalez went to Mexico to receive medical care instead of here in the US. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen shares her story. More...
  5. An EMT's view from the front linesTue, 27 Jun 2017 08:45:32 GMT
  6. Bee, wasp venom shortage dangerous for those with allergiesTue, 27 Jun 2017 09:02:53 GMT
  1. Celbrities in AtlantaSat, 24 Jun 2017 22:00:00 GMT
    It's Summer and time to be festive. Other 200 million tourists will be traveling though Georgia to get to their destinations in Florida or settint off on a cruise ship. As a national editor and talk show host, I feel it is my responsilbilty to tell travelers where to go eat, sleep, stay and listen to the best musical entertainment along your stay here in Georgia. Salon Glitz is owned by one of Georgia's top entreprenaurs, Ms. Tricia Bailey. The place celebrities get their hair in top form.She is also a super- hero, The Look Out Lady. She visits schools, daycares, and children hospitals in full costom. Please listen in as she try to inspire, motivate, and leader our youth. We all need a super-hero! ### More...
  2. My Angel Jay Jay!Tue, 28 Feb 2017 23:30:00 GMT
    JAY JAYS WRONGFUL DEATH LEGACY FOUNDATION INC is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization who is devoted to making a difference in the community and global communities. "We provide the highest awareness that benefit all residents in our city, surrounding areas and global communities. We would also like to invite you and your staff to attend this special event.", exclaims Ms. Donna Carter... More...
  3. MLK / Fred V Man Watson Parade Talk Show with Mattie RockFri, 13 Jan 2017 23:00:00 GMT
    Let's come together to to make a change in 2017. Tricia Bailey, ( aka. Look Out Lady), will be talking to one of the most powerful women in Georgia, Mattie Rock. They will be discussing why it is so importantant for families to come together and pledge their challenges for upcoming community leaders in 2017.. ### More...
  4. Look Out Lady Interviews top community leaders in GeorgiaSat, 07 Jan 2017 19:00:00 GMT
    In the wake of a new year of 2017, Tricia Bailey(aka Look Out Lady), will chat with some of the Top Community Leaders of Georgia, who are Keeping The Dream of Dr. Martin Luther King and Fred V-Man Watson(Who headed up numerous organization about Victory over Violence). Larry D. Veal CEO of 'Be More Positive, Dorian Thomas a celebrity coach and motivational speaker. Tom Livsey, a national news editor, community leader. We hope to introduce a couple of new community leaders... More...
  5. Look Out Lady Talks About Changes You Can Do In 2017Sat, 31 Dec 2016 17:30:00 GMT
    Happy New Years's World. Tomorrow will start a step of change around the world. From the President Elect Donald Trump and family entering the White House, to changes that are in need to be made in thousands of communities on a global stage. Today is the perfect storm for a brand new super hero. The Look Out Lady, is an alter ego character of Tricia Bailey. One of the top entrepreneurs in the nation. She will be flying by and chiming in about some of her safety tips for Women, Children, Seniors, and Our world Communities ### More...
  6. Merry Christmas to Our Mamas!Sun, 25 Dec 2016 19:00:00 GMT
    Charmaine Tarver, Ourtown National News Editor, We all have our favorite memories of Christmas I've had so many happy memories with my wonderful mother who would go the extra mile to make everything just right from the way the Christmas tree was decorated, to the delightfully wrapped Christmas presents, the most wonderful stuffed turkey dinner and the table which was colorfully decorated. But most of all, my mother taught us the true meaning of Christmas, wrapped up in the Spirit of Giving through Christ Jesus. I used to take objects from around the house and wrap them up for her because I had nothing of my own to give except for a loving heart. Which is what she taught us all, along with myself and brothers, Bill, Tim, and Wayne. The Christmas wish lists were always answered and our stockings were always filled with fruit, nuts and candy. All of these memories will always be cherished. We always received more than we ever asked for. But you see. my mother is much more special then that She made sure we went to Sunday school, that we were encouraged to know the true meaning behind Christmas. She went to our school Christmas plays. She encouraged us to dance, sing and play To rejoice in our hearts delight, so that we would come to know peace, love, joy and kindness under her loving guidance. The most excellent thing is that she did this all year long, on birthdays, on Holidays and other gatherings of friends and family. She cared if others were hungry if they were happy if they had peace and joy. There were no empty days with my mother they all meant something. Surely, she knew Christ Jesus and surely he knows her. By the way, I was twiced bless with two mothers, Leona Hafiz and Doris Tarver ### More...
  7. Alan Thicke Tribute from The Promised LandSun, 18 Dec 2016 09:30:00 GMT
    As a short triobute to a very taleanted actor, Alan Thicke , many so close tohim that he could sing better than he could act. His DNA rubbed off on his son Robin Yhicke. This is in no way to profit from his passing. I just want to show respect to a pioneer of acting, singing;noreover, entertaining millioms. One Love Alan Thicke and keep your head up Robin Thicke! ### More...
Dear Mrs. Marcia Pledger- How Can I...?
  1. Maria Dellapina’s daughter inspired her to design glasses for people with Down syndrome: ReinventionSat, 23 Apr 2016 14:09:16 +0000
    By Marcia Pledger, The Plain Dealer BURTON, Ohio Maria Dellapina learned firsthand that a child with Down syndrome is not going to wear glasses when they don’t fit properly. But it took years... More...
  2. Former Cleveland Browns receiver Joe Jurevicius now makes plays in the laundry business: ReinventionSat, 23 Apr 2016 13:59:33 +0000
    By Marcia Pledger, The Plain Dealer CLEVELAND, Ohio These days former Cleveland Browns receiver Joe Jurevicius spends most of his time trying to make plays of a different sort, working to build an... More...
  3. Why Tony Kosicek went from grape farming to opening a winery: ReinventionSun, 17 Apr 2016 13:07:45 +0000
    By Marcia Pledger, The Plain Dealer April 12, 2016 at 8:05 AM, updated April 12, 2016 at 8:09 AM GENEVA, Ohio - About six years ago, Tony Kosicek was all smiles when he got... More...
  4. Reinvention: Ritzman PharmaciesSun, 17 Apr 2016 00:04:41 +0000
  5. 5 questions with Teddy bear Parihug teen co-counder Xyla FoxlinMon, 11 Apr 2016 23:40:54 +0000
    By Marcia Pledger, The Plain Dealer CLEVELAND, Ohio — How did a huggable, electronically controlled teddy-bear and a 19-year-old Case Western Reserve student become stars at the prestigious South by Southwest Tech Fest in... More...
  6. Sonali Morris: Goldfish Swim School ownerMon, 11 Apr 2016 23:30:10 +0000
    US News
    1. Number of Abused Gymnasts 'Far Higher' Than ReportedTue, 27 Jun 2017 18:54:22 GMT
      An investigator hired by USA Gymnastics says the number of victims is "far higher" than the hundreds previously reported. More...
    2. Judge in Brock Turner Sex Assault Case Faces Recall PetitionTue, 27 Jun 2017 02:10:00 GMT
      The judge was widely condemned for sentencing the former Stanford swimmer to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on campus. More...
    3. Why Is It So Hard to Convict Officers in Police Shootings?Tue, 27 Jun 2017 09:15:00 GMT
      It is rare to convict a law enforcement officer after a fatal shooting, according to criminal justice experts who spoke to NBC News. More...
    WSB News
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    Ever Have One Of These Days? Hilarious
    1. Reporter snaps at Sarah Huckabee Sanders after she goes on lengthy rant bashing the pressTue, 27 Jun 2017 15:46:48 -0400
      A White House reporter called out Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Tuesday after the deputy press... More...
    2. Paul George is reportedly already recruiting players to a team he's not even on yetTue, 27 Jun 2017 14:54:42 -0400
      Paul George is the hottest trade target in the NBA at the moment, but from the sounds of it, he... More...
    3. A startling map puts into perspective how many more people would go without health insurance under the GOP billTue, 27 Jun 2017 17:05:38 -0400
      The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimatesthat 22 million Americans would lose... More...
    4. Trump mocks CNN after 3 top staffers resign over retracted Russia storyTue, 27 Jun 2017 09:23:28 -0400
      President Donald Trump mocked CNN on Tuesday after the network retracted a story that said... More...
    5. Apple is giving iPhones a one-handed keyboard with iOS 11 here's how to activate itTue, 27 Jun 2017 09:16:03 -0400
      The latest version of Apple's iOS platform, iOS 11, is now available to the public. It's still in... More...
    6. John McEnroe says Serena Williams would be 'like 700 in the world' if she played on the men's circuitMon, 26 Jun 2017 10:17:27 -0400
      Tennis legend John McEnroe on Sunday said that while he thought Serena Williams was the greatest... More...
    7. Derek Carr had a great answer to his first purchase after signing a record-breaking $125 million contractMon, 26 Jun 2017 10:39:05 -0400
      Last Thursday, Derek Carr signed a five-year, $125 million contract with the Oakland Raiders that... More...
    8. Jason Chaffetz: Members of Congress should get $30,000 a ...Tue, 27 Jun 2017 18:13:00 -0400
      The cost of housing is so expensive that Representative Jason Chaffetz thinks a monthly subsidy of $2,500 would help ease the burden for Congress. More...
    9. Older Americans slapped with 'age tax' in GOP health-care bill: AARPMon, 26 Jun 2017 15:40:58 -0400
      Older Americans are being unfairly targeted in the Republicans health-care bill, AARP's David Certner told CNBC. More...
    10. The Bill Gates-backed vegetarian burger is coming to a national fast food chainTue, 27 Jun 2017 11:00:00 -0400
      Just in time for Independence Day, burgers by Beyond Meat, the company that makes faux meat from... More...
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