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The Court of Appeal has handed down its latest judgement this morning in the long running legal battle to get the sandy West Beach in Newhaven re-opened to the public by registering it as a village green.  Newhaven Port and Properties (NPP), the owners of the beach, had argued that the village green legislation contained in the Commons Act 2006 was incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights.  The judge at the judicial review held in November 2011 dismissed this argument.  NPP appealed against his judgement.

The Court of Appeal has upheld the original decision and NPP has lost its case.

This argument was heard separately from the other arguments which were heard in February because this was a case between NPP and the Government and did not directly involve East Sussex County Council or Newhaven Town Council. 

The Mayor of Newhaven, Councillor Julie Carr, said “We are delighted with this victory for common sense, which confirms the decision handed down in February.  It is a great shame that NPP are continuing to spend money on fighting this through the courts instead of on the repairs that are needed to re-open the beach.  Another summer is now here, and the people of Newhaven still cannot enjoy the use of their beach.  I appeal to NPP to accept the ruling of the court now and sit down and talk to the town council about how we can get the beach open for this summer without compromising port operations or the safety of the public”.

Picture shows the beach as it was in 1990, let's hope NPP it's not long before we can see it like this again.



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Seaford Health Store: wins Seaford Peoples Favourite Independent retailer of the Year 2012 2013-01-14 08:20:03

On Thursday 10th Jan 2013 the Mayor of Seaford, Linda Wallraven presented the trophy donated by Cllr Sam Adeniji for the Seaford' Favourite Independent Retailer of the Year 2012 to David & Helen Pollard of Seaford Health Store.

To help promote local shops in Seaford and to encourage people to use our Independent local shops which are not part of a chain, why I am championing the idea of people voting for their “Favourite Independent Retailer of the year” and “Do your Christmas Shopping in Seaford month”

Public winner

In addition everyone that votes stood a chance of winning £100 to spend in the shop they voted for. The winner is Mr Michael Still and he voted for Paul’s Plaice.


The responses from both local retailers in Seaford and from members of the public were very reassuring. A total of 45local independent shops took part in the scheme and a total of 2140 votes were cast. Many of the shoppers I spoke to mentioned that this initiative helped drew their attention to some of the some wonderful independent retailers we have in Seaford

Top 5 Winners

1stplace -           Seaford Health Store

2nd place -         Toy Town (Toys)

3rd place -          Millies Boutique

4th place (joint) - Fotobox and L Cameron & Son Ltd

5th place -            Amber Florist

The winner of the £100 prize is Mr Michael Still and they will be spending their winnings at Paul’s Plaice.


My wish is that this initiative is the beginning of a dialogue with Seaford retailers. I have been to many of the shops and over few weeksI intend to continue this conversation. A lot of issues and ideas have been raised from my conversation with local retailers and I am confident that over the next few months many more local initiatives will be championed that will help promote our local shops and our lovely seaside town.

This is the first time that a Favourite Independent retailer of the Year initiative has been done in Seaford and I hope it has been found to be successful in helping to promote local shops and in encouraging people to shop local. I hope that the initiative will continue future years



Seaford Favourite Independent shop of the year 2012 : Seaford Health Store Contact David & Helen Pollard on 01323 893472

Winner £100: Mr Michael Still on 01323 896408

Winning £100 shop: Paul’s Plaice on 01323 894714



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