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About Us Terry Wells, Ourtown editor
About Us Terry Wells, Ourtown editor 2011-07-22 19:17:35

About Ourtown TW
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Terry Wells  is the editor of  This Ourtown
OurTown.com is a privately owned company based in Cincinnati, Ohio that started in 2007 by a group of “news junkies”. OurTown grew out of an interest in what was happening in their own city and evolved into a branded, hyper-local news platform of more than 70,000 sites covering every populated ZIP Code in the U.S. OurTown delivers National & Local News, Local Views & Opinion, Local Search and Local Commerce to each viewer making it the “one-stop-shop” for the information visitors want.
  Local Editors are men and women from all walks of life. As you “click across America,” you’ll meet all the OurTown Local Editors. This Ourtown site is licensed to Terry Wells who moved to the area with his wife over eighteen years ago to raise their children. Terry and his entire family love living here mainly because of how great the people are.
  The most important part of any town is the people who live there and make it a community. OurTown lets those people share, learn, and meet with each other on a regular basis. OurTown allows local buyers and sellers to access and search our easy to use Free Classified Ad system. As on Craig’s List, individual buyers and sellers are able to create ads for free.
  People can upload photo galleries, and textual information from their Local churches, community services, Youth organizations, Grade School, Middle School and High School sports, Local Fairs, Art Shows and all other community activities.
You don't have to spend an hour searching for national, state and local news.   It's all right here. If there’s any news outlets missing from our site, please email us and we’ll try to get it on one of our pages. If you have questions, suggestions, or comments please contact your Ourtown editor Terry Wells by email at twells@ourtown.com.


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