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Welcome to OurTown.com!  We are a network of hyper local news sites determined to bring the truly local news to the people in each community!   Right now we are looking for professionals who would like to own their very own OurTown site.  These Local Editors (as we call them) will be in charge of running the whole site – look, articles, coverage, everything!

Right now we have available site across the United States and UK!  If you are seeing this message then that means this site is available and if interesting please contact us at – Support@OurTown.com.



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  1. Watch hundreds of robots and drones in an amazing choreographed danceMon, 08 Feb 2016 08:19:33 -0800
    Hours-long entertainment shows are a staple of the new year in many East Asian countries, but none is greater than Chinese Central Television's lunar new year gala.The TV spectacular, which is said to be watched by 700 million people, featured scores of the country's best-known singers but they all risked being upstaged by robots as the Year of the Monkey was ushered in.A crew of 540 humanoid robots danced in perfect step to a song bySun Nan () against the impressive Guangzhou skyline.It's mesmerizing to watch and a little scary too, especially if you're haunted by nightmares of a robot army taking over the world.And just when the song approaches its climax, drones arrive! They numbered 29, according to Chinese media reports.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here More...
  2. Google's rumored VR headset sounds a lot like SamsungsMon, 08 Feb 2016 07:56:00 -0800
    As Google goes on a virtual reality hiring spree, rumors about the companys VR hardware plans are starting to take shape.Citing unnamed sources, Financial Times reports that Google is working on a new virtual reality headset and a VR-optimized version of Android to go with it. The headset would come in sturdy plastic, with built-in sensors and lenses, similar to Samsungs GearVR. Users would then insert a smartphone into the headset to provide the imagery and processing power.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here More...
  3. Mozilla moves Firefox to a more flexible release scheduleMon, 08 Feb 2016 07:28:00 -0800
    Mozilla last week said it is changing Firefox's rigid every-six-week release cadence for a looser schedule that resembles what Google has used for Chrome since 2008.In a post to a company blog, Mozilla said it would use a variable release tempo in 2016 with six-to-eight-week intervals.Chrome has used a flexible schedule since its September 2008 debut, shipping a new edition approximately every six to eight weeks, but unlike Mozilla, has never set delivery dates ahead of releases appearing."Four years ago Mozilla moved to a fixed-schedule release model, otherwise known as the 'Train Model,' in which we released Firefox every six weeks to get features and updates to users faster and move at the speed of the Web," Mozilla said. "We studied the process carefully and learned a lot. We have also identified additional areas for improvement and it's time we iterate again."To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here More...
  4. The Pirate Bay gets into the streaming gameMon, 08 Feb 2016 07:19:00 -0800
    There's a new, free streaming service offering limitless television shows and the latest movies, but it just might put you in the sights of the entertainment industry. Infamous pirate download site, The Pirate Bay, recently rolled out a streaming service that is currently in beta.The new streaming service isn't coming directly from TPB. Instead, the torrent-centric site has added support for Torrents Time, a browser plugin that lets you stream torrents from your browser. To use TPB's new streaming feature a user must have the Torrents Time plugin installed. Then it's smooth sailing on the pirate-ridden digital-streaming seas. Torrents Time even supports casting to a television.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here More...
  5. If error messages appear when your PC boots, try thisMon, 08 Feb 2016 07:02:00 -0800
    Every time Muhammad Athar boots his PC, an error message pops up warning him of missing files. Assuming that nothing else bad happens, this type of error messagecoming up every time you boot and only when you bootprobably isnt dangerous. Its likely just the remnants of an autoloader that didnt get removed properly. (An autoloader is a program that loads automatically every time you boot, such as your antivirus program.) [Have a tech question? Ask PCWorld Contributing Editor Lincoln Spector. Send your query to answer@pcworld.com.] To stop this annoying message, you must tell Windows to stop trying to load this non-existent file. How you do this depends on your version of Windows.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here More...
  6. Java installer flaw shows why you should clear your Downloads folderMon, 08 Feb 2016 06:48:54 -0800
    On most computers, the default download folder quickly becomes a repository of old and unorganized files that were opened once and then forgotten about. A recently fixed flaw in the Java installer highlights why keeping this folder clean is important.On Friday, Oracle published a security advisory recommending that users delete all the Java installers they might have laying around on their computers and use new ones for versions 6u113, 7u97, 8u73 or later.The reason is that older Java installers are designed to look for and automatically load a number of specifically named DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files from the current directory. In the case of Java installers downloaded from the Web, the current directory is typically the computer's default download folder.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here More...
  7. Microsoft sees a silver lining in clouded WindowsMon, 08 Feb 2016 06:48:00 -0800
    In case you havent noticed, Microsoft yes, sleepy old Microsoft has been on a tear the last few years. Windows 10 was released last year to nearly universal praise, Microsofts HoloLens augmented-reality headset has been called groundbreaking, and the company jumped to No. 3 on the BrandZ list of most valuable global brands in 2015 after languishing at No. 7 as recently as 2013. More important, between early September 2015 and Feb. 1 of this year, the companys stock price surged more than 25%, while the S&P and the Dow Jones indexes stayed flat, the Nasdaq dropped more than 1.5%, and Apples stock price plunged 14%. Windows for now is Microsofts most visible product and the public face of the company. But its probably a last hurrah. Microsofts future is all about the cloud, so much so that one day Windows may become an afterthought.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here More...
  8. The 10 best tech ads from Super Bowl 50Mon, 08 Feb 2016 06:23:00 -0800
    It's post-Super Bowl Monday and millions of you are probably reading this from home today recovering from Sunday night's festivities. We can't help you with that pounding headache or that regret oversiding with Bing and betting on the Panthersseriously, what were you thinking? But we can give you some entertainment with the best tech-themed ads from the Super Bowl.While you were reaching for one of the 1.3 billion chicken wings or a slice of the 4 million pizzas eaten on Super Bowl Sunday, Amazon, Fitbit, T-Mobile, and Intuit's TurboTax were pouring millions into Super Bowl ads.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here More...
  9. Flash memory's density surpasses hard drives for first timeMon, 08 Feb 2016 06:08:00 -0800
    NAND flash memory has surpassed hard disk drive (HDD) technology in areal density for the first time, according to a new report from a market research firm. During a presentation at the 2016 IEEE International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) in San Francisco last week, Micron shared data showing NAND flash has moved past HDDs in areal density, according to Coughlin Associates. At last year's ISSCC, Samsung white papers indicated that its 3D NAND flash products had reached 1.19Tbits per square inch (Tbpsi) and said in 2016 they would reach 1.69Tbpsi. This year, Micron revealed it had demonstrated areal densities in its laboratories of up to 2.77Tbpsi for its 3D NAND. That compares with the densest HDDs of about 1.3Tbpsi. Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates president, noted the flash advancements in a column in Forbes.com last week.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here More...
  10. Moto 360 Sport review: Only runners need applyMon, 08 Feb 2016 06:00:00 -0800
    I hate running. Its not just because I have bad knees and it hurts to runI would rather lift weights and get my cardio on a recumbent bike where I can distract myself playing mobile games. Motorolas fitness-focused version of the Moto 360 is not for me. Its for people that get their workouts on the pavement and treadmills. For that specific subset, its a good enough Android Wear watch, but if you enjoy broader fitness activities, youll be frustrated by its limitations.A Moto 360 for the outdoors The Sport version of the Moto 360 shares much in common with the 2nd generation Moto 360 we like so much. Its fundamentally the same hardware and software, with a few notable differences. It runs all the regular Android Wear apps and works just as well as a Google-powered watch as the 2nd gen Moto 360 does. As with most Android Wear watches, it works with both iOS and Android, though the Moto Body phone app is Android-only.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here More...
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