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Let Me Introduce You to OurTown 2011-08-03 15:46:38

Welcome to OurTown.com!  We are a network of hyper local news sites determined to bring the truly local news to the people in each community!   Right now we are looking for professionals who would like to own their very own OurTown site.  These Local Editors (as we call them) will be in charge of running the whole site – look, articles, coverage, everything!

Right now we have available site across the United States and UK!  If you are seeing this message then that means this site is available and if interesting please contact us at – Support@OurTown.com.



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  1. 12 tips and tricks to help you get started with your new Moto XWed, 17 Sep 2014 04:00:00 -0700
    The Moto X may not enjoy the popularity of, say, Samsungs Galaxy line, but it can do what many Android phones cant. It can listen to you, and talk back, and take commands, and keep you appraised of your notifications without you even turning on the screen. Its kind of magical, and its what makes Motorolas flagship so very special. The second-generation Moto X allows you to should out OK Moto (or whatever other phrase you want) from across the room. You can ask it to read your text messages, or even take a selfie. But these things dont just happenyou have to do a little set up, first.Before you load up your new Moto X with apps, follow these simple tips to get all of its best features working.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here More...
  2. Browser comparison: How the five leaders stack up in speed, ease of use and moreWed, 17 Sep 2014 03:32:00 -0700
    The best browser for your desktop could be one youre not using. Whether Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari is your current choice, our tests found distinct differences in speed and ease of use. We also compared how each browser uses system resources, a near-invisible trait that could be discreetly bogging down your PC. For the online lifestyle, the right browser could save you time and frustration.See how they run Browsers largely look and act the same:They render HTML in multiple tabs or separate windows, let you bookmark pages, support HTTP and FTP file transfer, or offer private browsing (no data is stored). Deep inside each one, however, are operational differences that may or may not fulfill your needs.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here More...
  3. HP Envy x360 review: This 360-degree laptop is about versatility, not powerWed, 17 Sep 2014 03:00:00 -0700
    Like some other moderately priced 15-inch-class touchscreen laptops weve seen of late, the HP Envy x360 is too heavy and too slow to be a road-warriors dream machine. But the handsome high-res display and acrobatic 360-degree hinge on this $770 unit will appeal to multimedia aficionados.Weighing in at about 5.3 poundstypical bulk for a mainstream laptop with a 15.6-inch displaythe silvery Envy x360s sturdy hinges let you use it as a standard laptop; fold back the lid and balance the unit on two edges in a tent configuration; place the keyboard face down and keep the display facing you in stand configuration; or fold the display back completely onto the back of the keyboard to create a thick and bulky tablet.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here More...
  4. Yelp settles US FTC charges of violating child privacyWed, 17 Sep 2014 00:15:13 -0700
    Yelp has agreed to pay US$450,000 to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to settle charges that the company accepted registrations to its services from children under 13 through its apps.The FTC had earlier on Tuesday brought a complaint against the service that connects people with local businesses, stating that it had violated a number of rules, including the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act.Before 2009, users could only register through the website, where Yelp had a screening mechanism to prohibit users under the age of 13 from registering. In 2009, Yelp, however, introduced a registration feature in its app, allowing users to register for new accounts through the application, but failed to implement a working age-screen mechanism in the new in-app registration feature, according to the FTC complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here More...
  5. Apple turns on iCloud two-step verification after nude selfie scandalTue, 16 Sep 2014 22:20:10 -0700
    Apple on Tuesday began offering an additional security protection for iCloud account users, a move the company made following the theft of nude photos from several celebrities accounts last month.The defense, called two-step verification, involves entering a numerical passcode that is sent by SMS to users phones after theyve entered their username and password. Apple recommends that users set up two-step verification, although it is not mandatory.Apple has had a two-step verification feature for iTunes and App Store accounts, but for some reason the same protection wasnt offered for iCloud.The celebrity iCloud accounts were thought to have been accessed after hackers guessed their usernames and passwords, possibly by answering the security questions Apple poses if someone loses their password.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here More...
  6. Use of forced labor 'systemic' in Malaysian IT manufacturingTue, 16 Sep 2014 21:10:12 -0700
    The use of forced labor is so prevalent in the Malaysian electronics manufacturing industry that there is hardly a major brand name that isnt touched by the illegal practice, according to a report to be published Wednesday.The report is the result of a two-year study funded by the U.S. Department of Labor and undertaken by Verit, a nonprofit organization focused on labor issues.It surveyed more than 500 migrant workers at around 200 companies in Malaysias IT manufacturing sector and found one in three were working under conditions of forced labor.Problems usually begin when they fall for a deceptive job advertisement at home, said Dan Viederman, CEO of Verit.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here More...
  7. ZTE brings affordable 5.7-inch phablet to T-MobileTue, 16 Sep 2014 19:50:10 -0700
    Chinese smartphone maker ZTE is hoping to drum up smartphone sales in the U.S., with a new 5.7-inch phablet thatll be available exclusively on T-Mobile from Sept. 24.The ZMAX is an LTE smartphone, built with a large 3,400 mAh battery, but comes at a low one-time payment of US$252 or $10.50 a month on a two-year subscription plan with T-Mobile.In designing the ZMAX, ZTE wanted to create a mid-range phone, still packed with some premium features. The phablets large battery can last two days on a single charge, the company said on Tuesday.The phone has a 1280 by 720 screen resolution, runs a largely unchanged version of Android 4.4, and has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core 1.2GHz processor. Inside is 16GB of internal storage, which can be expanded through its micro SD card slot to 32GB.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here More...
  8. No old iPhone is left behind in this Shenzhen marketTue, 16 Sep 2014 19:10:10 -0700
    Some iPhones never die: they go to a four-story electronics mall in Shenzen, where stacks of them are sold every day.The Chinese city is known for its giant factories that pump out millions of shiny new Apple devices. But across town at this wholesale market the gadgets are decidedly worse for wear. Its one part of Chinas huge grey market, and it helps cater to the millions of people in this country who want an iPhone but cant afford a new one.You have to be careful what you buy, because you cant return it, cautioned a Chinese merchant surnamed Yuan, who walked through the mall Tuesday looking for a deal on the white iPhone 4S. Hes among the hundreds of buyers who come here to purchase old phones, refurbish them and then sell them to Chinese consumers.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here More...
  9. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus review: Bigger is in fact better (in the right hands)Tue, 16 Sep 2014 18:00:00 -0700
    Sure, there are lots of little improvements in Apple's new smartphones. But the biggest change is that, well, they're biggerand that will be a big win for many. More...
  10. Hackers accessed Goodwill hosting provider for 18 months before card breachTue, 16 Sep 2014 17:35:10 -0700
    Hackers evaded security systems for a year-and-a-half at a hosting center that processed payment cards for Goodwill Industries, using the same type of malware that struck Target and other major retailers to steal card data, according to the charitys software vendor.In its first public statement since being identified by Goodwill as its technology partner, C&K Systems of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, said two other customers were also affected by the unauthorized access, though it didnt name them.Goodwill, which sells donated clothing, said in July that federal authorities were investigating a possible payment card breach at its U.S. outlets. Its one of many retailers, including Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, P.F. Changs China Bistro and Sally Beauty, that have disclosed data breaches since December.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here More...
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