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Best UFO Sightings March 2013
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Jay-Z in 1939?
Is Jay-Z a time traveler?
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Overland Park Orbs
4 Beautifu Orbs In O.P.
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  1. John Alexander - The U.S. Military, UFOs, and SecretsWed, 06 Jun 2018 02:00:00 GMT
    Dr. John Alexander is a retired senior Army officer with decades of experience with a wide range of phenomena. Traveling to all eight continents, he has encountered events that defy conventional explanation. A psychic adventurer, he practiced psychokinetic metal bending, fire walking, and caused a white crow to fly for the National Academy of Sciences. A founding board member of IRVA, he is a past-president of IANDS and former SSE councilor. Straddling two worlds, he is also retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory, and served on studies with the National Research Council, the Army Science Board, the Council on Foreign Relations, NATO, and was a senior fellow of a DoD university. Dr. Elisabeth Kbler-Ross headed his doctoral committee. John was also a member of the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), an organization founded by Robert Bigelow. Bigelow then went on the create Bigelow Aerospace and Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS). The later was the department within Bigelow Aerospace that handles investigations into paranormal phenomena. It has been recently revealed that for several years these investigations were receiving funding from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). As a former member of Army Intelligence and investigator for Bigelow's NIDS organization, John has a unique insight into the recent news regarding BAASS' association with the DoD. For information on the upcoming conference for the Society of Scientific Exploration, visit:www.scientificexploration.org/2018-conference For more information about John Alexander, visit:www.johnbalexander.com/ More...
  2. Jeremy Corbell, Upcoming Documentary on The Skinwalker RanchTue, 15 May 2018 15:00:00 GMT
    Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbellis a documentary filmmaker and contemporary artist. He launched his series Extraordinary Beliefs in 2015 and since then has created several compelling documentaries on various paranormal phenomena, mostly centered around UFO and alien abduction themes. Jeremy has been able to gain access to witnesses few others have had the opportunity to interview. In this interview, we discuss another exciting project. What has been dubbed the Skinwalker Ranch in the Uintah Basin of Utah, is a location where many types of paranormal phenomena have been reported for decades. The site gained worldwide notoriety with the 2005bookHunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utahco-authored by investigative journalist George Knapp and scientist Colm Kelleher. Since then very few have gained access to the ranch. Jeremy has been able to work with George Knapp to create a documentary with footage that has never been seen by the public of an investigation by Bigelow Aerospaces Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS)division. For more about Jeremy and his projects, visitwww.extraordinarybeliefs.com. More...
  3. UFO Updates - Bigelow, New UK UFO Files and Scott KellyTue, 08 May 2018 20:00:00 GMT
    Martin and Alejandro discuss new UFO news:Bigelow, New UK UFO Files and Scott Kelly More...
Roger Marsh
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Ufo Being Towed In Kansas?