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1 of 20 Worldwide 2013-06-04 21:20:38

1 of 20 worldwide, those are the numbers!  Who do you know that is classified as 1 out of 20 worldwide?  I don't care if you are only 1 of 20 people worldwide that can throw a frisbee 200 yards, then you, my friend, are special!

I am very proud to say that my sister, Marcia Austin Pledger is 1 of only 20 journalist worldwide, to be selected for a prestigious fellowship!  Marcia applied for the same fellowship last year and they told her "No."  How dare they!  Marcia doesn't understand "No" and she won't accept it.  Therefore, she applied again this year for the same privilege. Of course, she amazed me again, and got the coveted prize!

Honestly, I can't say that I was surprised, since she has made a habit out of amazing me!  Also, I can't say that it was given to her, because she earned it.  How many people in this day and age, over the age of 35, ok let's say 40, have only held 2 jobs?  Not many, right?  Well Marcia has only had 2 jobs.  She worked for the Las Vegas Review Journal, where she even got to interview, Mike Tyson, and she has worked for The Cleveland Plain Dealer, where she has written a weekly column titled, "My Biggest Mistake, And How I Fixed It."  It is also the title of her book.

When Marcia graduated from the University of Missouri's prestigious school of journalism, people sought her out.  Who needs a resume?  I'm convinced, everybody knows Marcia anyway.  I interviewed Cleveland Browns great running back, Greg Pruitt and he knew Marcia.  Mike Tyson knows Marcia and shie writes about business!  Who doesn't know Marcia? Just google her name and over 90 pages come up!  Try this. Google your name and see how many pages come up and then you will begin to understand how "AMAZING" Marcia really is!  If you don't know Marcia, now you do!  (www.marciapledger.com)

Well congratulations sis.  I am so proud of you. You never cease to amaze me!

Love Ya!

Marcus Austin


For more information on the fellowship: http://www.mjfellows.org/news/



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Good Listening Skills Crucial In Sales


Sales etiquette is crucial:  Concentrate on listening instead of selling.

  One thing that you are taught in sales is that whomever is asking the questions is in control.  Well if you don't listen to the answers, then you will never be able to take control of the sale since you never  listened to what the customer told you what that they wanted in the first place.  This will lead to repeat questions, thus turning the  customer off. 

In sales it is too easy to get in the bad habit of just looking for that "next" sale and not really paying attention to what  the customer wants.  The customer always tells you what they want you just need to listen. Listen for verbal clues and non-verbal clues.  The more you listen, the more money you make in sales because people love to buy.  They just need to be sold!  Remember this!  After asking for the sale, "Shut your mouth and Open you ears!"

Marcus Austin




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On-Line Advertising Works
Advertising Your Business On-Line Can Increase Foot Traffic 2011-03-21 17:06:42

Local businesses are getting the red carpet treatment these days from hyper local blogs and sites which are catering more and more to their needs.  As ad spending on offline media such as yellow pages, radio and cable declines, on-line ad spending is on the rise.

With the advent of sites that cater to specific areaas, regions and destinations around the world, more and more advertising opportunities are finally opening up for local businesses that wish to get in front of their target market to increase foot traffic, sales, and exposure.

 Sites like, OurTown Media are helping business owners who are trying to figure out how to get into the on-line advertising game... and WIn!

"Today, there is a push towards Internet shopping.  No matter if your business is 'Brick and Mortar,' or internet based, most people start their search from their home or office computer," exclaims Snellville, Georgia OurTown media National news Editor, Tom Livsey.

He continues," With the high cost of gas and our current economic climate, most U.S. retail purchases are made well before the customer enters the retailer's door, if they don't order straight from their computer."

Long gone are the days when you would load the station wagon full of kids and travel between several malls to do some browsing and comparative shopping. The computer has simplified this process immensely!

As a buisness owner of some dry cleaners, it was common for me to spend over $1,000 per month on advertising.  And it was money well spent.  But with On-Line media outlets such as OurTown, you can spen $2,400 for the whole year and have 24 hour advertising working for you to reach the customers in your community every day of the year. 

That's what I call change for the better!

Marcus Austin


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My Biggest Mistake ...And How I Fixed It by Marcia Pledger
Marcia Pledger
Marcia Pledger: Small Business Matters
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