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Long journey takes on transition

From Overland Park, Kansas

      For many 6thgraders at Pawnee Elementary, the long journey of grade school has ended and the transition to middle school has begun. For Jada Austin that journey provided many emotions of happiness and joy although there was a lot of work involved as well. After watching the 6tgrade video Jada came to her father's arms with tears in her eyes. After asking her what was wrong, Jada said "that video made me cry". Unable to hold back the tears, the father hugged her and shed a few tears as well.

     Jada has had many accomplishments in her 11 years. When she was only 1 years old her parents entered her photo into the Good Morning America Baby Contest.Out of 80,000 photos, Jada was selected as one of the eight winners, which involved a paid trip to New York and being on T. V.

     Jada has excelled at school where she received awards for honor roll, band, choir, leadership team, math club, math pentathlon, safety patrol, a service award, girl scouts and the Presidential Fitness award. Ms. Austin also excelled in sports, playing tennis, basketball, softball, volleyball and cheerleading. To cap off her accomplishments, jada ran the fastest 40 yard dash time in the school (6.2 seconds), even faster than all of the boys.

     Jada is now planning on attending Westridge Middle School, where her brothers, Justin and Javin preceded her. From the looks of things it seems as if Jada is on the Fast Track to success at her new school as well.

Marcus Austin


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