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Enough Already

From Overland Park, Kansas

Sometimes you just have to know when to say "uncle."  Now is the time. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  Even when a mixed martial arts fighter is getting beaten to a pulp he or she can "tap out."  With all of the unnecessary shootings and killings over the last several weeks, it is finally time to "tap out."

Our society has too many unstable people to have individuals walking around a crowded city with a loaded gun and a full clip.  Too many innocent people are losing their lives over nothing and it is time for it to stop.

Now, I for one don't want to give up my gun.  I understand how many people feel about their constitutional right.  But innocent kids that get killed in a gun battle should have rights too.  Where were the victims rights in Aurora Colorado movie theater.  What about the innocent victims at these school shootings?  What about you and me?  Where are our rights to feel safe in the greatest country in the world?

Although I have a gun, I have never had a reason to take it out of my house.  The only time I shoot it is on New Years Eve.  I have never shot anyone and I never will.  Unless, of course someone comes into my house and threatens me or my family.  Other than going to a shooting range or hunting, there should be no reason to have a gun in the city.

It is time to make some serious law changes.  There needs to be a law that severely punishes a person that is convicted of a crime using a gun!  Right now there is not a law severe enough that prevents a person from misusing a gun for criminal purposes.

In light of all the recent gun violence, now is a good time to start having this debate-before it's too late, for you or me!

Marcus Austin


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