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Now Hear This.....

From Overland Park, Kansas

Chiefs, Now Hear This.........

As a member of the Kansas City Chiefs fan community, I would like to say that when Matt Cassel was knocked out of the game with a concussion,  the cheers Eric Winston referred to had nothing to do with Matt Cassel's injury.  Those cheers had everything to do with a change being made at the  quarterback position.   Cassel was a great backup at USC and New England. He is also a great backup in K.C.

 Chiefs fans are smart and savvy. They are also considered to be some of the best fans in the NFL. To be frank, chiefs fans are tired of the poor performances. The chiefs have not looked good since the first game of the preseason.

Of course you can't blame the quarterback for all of the dropped passes, missed blocks or fumbles by running backs. It has truly been hard to watch. Since you can't bench the general manager, the quarterback that has been entrusted with the GM's blind loyalty, is the next best thing.

Carl Peterson was run out of town in favor of Scott Piolli for G.M. However the best players on the team are still holdovers from the Peterson era, such as Jamaal Charles, Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali. Scott Piolli'draft choices have been modest at best. Eric Winston was brought in to upvradd the offensive line but he has been beaten like a drum. Maybe that is what is at the root of his frustration with the fans.

The city pitched in to give stadium updates in order to increase revenue so management could put a better product on the field, but that has not happened. As a matter of fact, in 5 games, the Chiefs have not led a game for one solitary second in regulation, this year.

Chiefs fans would like nothing more than to go back to the days when Marty Shottenheimer roamed the sidelines. Victory at Arrowhead was almost a sure thing. The only sure thing now is that in a quarterback driven league, the chiefs won't draft a franchise quarterback that the fans can embrace

Marcus Austin

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