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Independence Day Comes A Day Late For Casey Anthony.

From Overland Park, Kansas

I hope everybody had a safe and happy Independence Day yesterday.  Unfortunately, everybody can not celebrate their Independence today.  There was an 11 yr old girl playing in her own backyard yesterday when a stray bullett struck her in the neck and put her in critical condition.  My prayers go out to her and her family.  This is senseless.  Where is the justice?

A mother and her daughter were killed by an intoxicated driver going the wrong way on Interstate 435 yesterday.  Where is their Independence?  Where is their justice?

Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her daughter who was found with duct tape over her mouth.  During the highly publicized trial there was a lot of evidence pointing at the mother, but in the end she was found not guilty.  Where is the Independence for the child?  Where is the justice?


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