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Tid Bits From An All-Pro

From Overland Park, Kansas

During the Speedsac Workshop that was held at 68 Inside Sports on May 7th, I had the pleasure of swapping stories with All-Pro, Future Hall Of Famer, Will Shields and he gave me a few golden nuggets.

Shields called working in the trenches of an NFL offensive line "Controlled Violence."  He demonstrated what he meant by giving lightning fast forearm shivers to a room full of punching bags.  I felt sorry for those bags.  When asked if he had anything left in the tank, he jokingly said "You might be able to wheel me out there on 3rd downs."  Someone please call Todd Haley!

Of all the defensive linemen in the NFL, who do you think taught Will Shields the most about becoming a dominant NFL offensive lineman?  Hint: He did not play in the AFC West.  Hint, Hint:  He did not play in the AFC.  Hint, Hint, Hint:  He played for the Minnesota Vikings...... Yes, it was John Randle.  He said Randle "always kept him guessing."

Finally, Mr Shields gave me the secret to becoming an All Pro offensive lineman and it starts at a very early age.  You will never guesse this one so I will tell you......TONKA TRUCKS!!!  That's right Tonka Truck,s he said, are "durable and built to last."  The other thing about those trucks is that when you go to push them, "you have to bend your knees, get low, and drive your legs forward" and these are the same skills needed to become a great offensive lineman. 

So there you have it!  It helps to grow over 6 feet and 300 lbs also, but you have to start somewhere.  Why not Tonka Truck?.

Marcus Austin



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