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Royal Are A Breath Of Fresh Air

From Overland Park, Kansas

It has been nearly a decade since the Kansas City Royals have played a meaningful game.  There is a whole generation of kids that have never seen the glory days of the Royals.  Too many of them, baseball has taken a back seat to other sports, due to their lack of interest.

But it seems as if the Royals glory days are back or at least coming soon.  The "First Place" Royals are ready to take on another ulnikely first place team in the Cleveland Indians for a four game series.  Just imagine how this town would feel if somehow the 10-4 Royals could come away with a sweep.  They would be 14-4 and solely in 1st place!  Let the playoff talk begin!

Yes I said it.  Playoffs and Royls in the same sentence is a definate possibility this year.  After a solid spring training, players coming into their own, and winning despite Joaquim  "Save-Oria" Soria, being less than stellar, the Royals future looks bright.  Last year I said playoffs and Chiefs in the same sentence and nobody believed that either.  If we could somehow get our Kings back, maybe we could make a run at being the "Sports Capital Of The World."

Marcus Austin

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