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Monte Nash (Speed Sac) Makes Winners!

From Overland Park, Kansas

It was 2008 and Monte Nash, a Rockhurst High School Graduate had a meeting with Coach Tony Severino (2000 National High School  Football Coach Of The Year) about a new exercise equipment, he called the SpeedSac, that supposedly makes you faster.  Coach Severino got 6 of them and won 2 of the next 3 state championships.   There seems to be a favorable trend attached to this thing called the Speedsac.   This favorable trend I speak of is called  "winning."  This winning seems to go across the board, not just football.

Yes, winning.  Three years later,Monte is now  now the strength and conditioning coach for ALL 18 sports at Rigghetti High School in Orcutt, California and they have experienced tremendous success.   These sports consist of boys and girls, football, basketball, track, tennis, volleyball, wrestling and others.   The football team has won its first ever out right league championship. The same can be said for the girls soccer team. 2 students broke the school record in the 200 meters and 400 meters in Track and Field. In all 8 out of the 18 sports that he worked with won or had a share of winning their league. That equates to 44%.   44% would be a great 3 point shooting percentage, but it is a phenomenal winning percentage!

Is there a relationship between Monte Nash, the Speed Sac, and winning?  There seems to be evidence pointing that way.  One thing that can not be debated is the fact that Nash has worked with some of the biggest winners in sports and entertainment.  Winners such as Eric Dickerson, Steve Young, Christian Okoye, Emmitt Smith and Tia Carrera,   Manny Ramirez was spotted this month using the Speedsac at the Athletes Performance Institute in Arizona  to get ready for the upcoming baseball season.

The Speedsac is a product that was developed by Monte Nash and his partners, Chris Gilberti and Cyril JC Brizzard.  It is now used by professional athletes/elite trainers in the best High Performance gyms in the country and is sold in the most reputable sporting goods stores. The  Speedsac Cross Training (www.speedsacxt.com) is a fitness program approved by the NASM.  (www.nasm.org.)  The Speedsac is one of the safest, user friendly, dynamic pieces of core/speed training equipment that is on the market!

When asked, what would you like to let people know about the Speedsac?  Monte said, "I would like to let people know that the Speedsac is not only for elite athletes, but it is a product that can be used by men, women, boys and girls of all ages." 

I asked Mr. Nash what hopes he has for the Speedsac in the future?  He explained " I would  like to get involved with the grade schools and teach kids at an early age that exercise can be fun.  It would be great if we could work alongside with Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign." 

Marcus Austin

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