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Twas the night before Christmas ....

From Overland Park, Kansas

Twas the night before Christmas
And the Chiefs lost again....
If they lose next week in Denver,
They'll finish 6-10.

We all had high hopes
After last weeks Green Bay win,
Now all we can do
is think of what could have been.

... If you paid for a ticket
and sat outdoors in a seat,
Aren't you mad
We went down in defeat?

You put on that jersey,
and red fitted cap,
you had a tailgate buffet
and drank beer from the tap.

When it was over you looked really mean
Because what the Chiefs charge the consumer
Is really obscene!

How bout next week Clark Hunt fires Scott Pioli,
Maybe next year parking should be free.
Black out the games
It's not a pretty sight
Merry Christmas to All
And to All a GOOD NIGHT~

A Richard Brown original......

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