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Broncos Buck Chiefs

From Overland Park, Kansas

     To say that the Chiefs had a bad day would be an understatement.  The 49-29 defeat that was suffered to the Denver Broncos was embarrasing.  The Broncos took an early 28-0 lead in the first quarter.  Denver never looked back from that point.  The loss was hard to accept since the Broncos were in last place in the AFC with 6 losses.   Their record is now 3-6. The Chiefs fell into a tie for first place with the idle Oakland Raiders.  Both are 5-4.

     It is not easy to find any positives from this game.  Although Matt Cassel threw for 4 touchdowns, including 2 to Dewayne Bowe, most of them occured after the game was well out of hand.  I guesse that the best thing you can say is that the Broncos have to come play at Arrowhead in 2 weeks. 

     Hopefully the return of Dexter Mc Cluster will afford the Chiefs another threat that can propel them back to their winning ways.  The Chiefs have not won a game since he injured his ankle against the Raiders. 

     It may be that the rivalry between the Chiefs and Broncos is alive and well again.  After the game was over, the Chiefs coach, Todd Haley,  refused to shake hands with the Broncos coach Josh Mc Daniels and this turned into a national story.  Although Haley gave an apology for what happened, it did not seem to be sincere.  This should make for a  good story when the Broncos come to Arrowhead.  Hopefully for the Chiefs the outcome will be much different.

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