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Hollywood Casino

From Northern Kentucky

Since the Kentucky legislature has, in the fullness of its wisdom and as self-appointed guardian of my morals decided that casino-style gambling will not be coming to Kentucky, at least in the near future, I made my way to Lawrenceburg, Indiana this weekend to see the new Hollywood Casino (formerly Argosy).

 I was disappointed when I first walked in because there have been absolutely no changes to the lobby area except for “gold stars” on the glass doors leading in from the garage. However, once you enter the casino you forget you are in Lawrenceburg, Indiana and would swear you are in a Las Vegas casino.   The place is beautiful, and huge. There are at least twice the number of slot machines as on the old Argosy gambling boat. The Hollywood theme is very evident with large movie posters ornamenting the walls and hanging from the ceiling. There are two floors of gaming, large blackjack machines with virtual dealers and all the latest bells and whistles. About the only thing that hasn’t changed is me…I still can’t win.    The place was crowded in the middle of the afternoon (apparently Kentucky politicians are the only people who don’t believe in gambling) and the casino seemed a little short-handed. There were many machines that were “not in service” and no attendants seemed to be available to get things fixed. Maybe it’s just going to take a couple of weeks to get the bugs worked out.   If you enjoy a little casino fun, I recommend it.  You can check out the website at www.hollywoodindiana.com

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