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Middlecreek Walking Path is a Great Place to Check Out.

From Nampa, Idaho

Park your car on Roosevelt, before you get to Middleton Road.  You will see the path.  The cars are  always lined up  there.   It's the Middlecreek Walking Path, that's what I call it anyway.  It stretches for a long way, but my favorite route is from Roosevelt, crossing Midland, Lake Lowell, going on down until it dead ends at Iowa.  It is scenic, with all different sorts of wild life scattered on it.  Every day is a new adventure.  


There is a steady stream of walkers, bicyclists, dog walkers, and children  who go up and down this path.  It is adorned with trees, flowers and bushes, making the scenery beautiful.  The people who live along this path are certainly lucky, in my opinion anyway.

Believe it or not, winter is my favorite time to go.  There is a flock of ducks and geese that hang there.  It's their resting ground and a safe place to spend winter months.  It seems like the walking path is stuck in a duck migratory flight path.  In the winter I see white bobble headed ducks that hang out in a group that i dont see regularly.  They are timid but later in the winter they realize that you won't harm them. 

If you go in the winter bring bread, popcorn, or seeds.  Whatever you think the ducks will want.  They are hungry little birds.  They really aren't picky.  They know as soon as a walker is there with food for them, and sooner than later you will be bombarded with literally 100 ducks jumping and performing tricks for food.   It's really quite entertaining, and if you have children, they will love it.

It is wonderful all throughout the year.  I just took that walk again two days ago and the trees are green and lush, the flowers are blooming and smell wonderful.  There aren't as many ducks in the summer, but it is still worth your time.  Going there is really an excellent reason to get out and stretch your legs.  The baby goats horses, cows and ducklings are precious.  You and your kids will love them.

It is a special walk.   I love it during all seasons. 


One cautionary warning however, at Midland and on Lake Lowell, be careful crossing the street.  People in cars can be careless at times or unaware that you are there, and speed on through.  Use the orange flags provided by the City of Nampa, and take your time.

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