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Top Five Things To Do Before Heading Out In Your Family Car Vacation !

From Lithonia, Georgia

Top Five Things To Do Before Heading Out In Your Family Car Vacation !

By Roan Fennell, Ourtown Automotive Columnist,

Memorial Day normally signifies the start of summer, even if its about 24 days away. Whatever the case, this is the time of the year, when your family car can become your most important survival feature on a pleasurable family trip.

Even a small problem such as a worn windshield wiper, out-of-balance tire or improper wheel alignment can cause a lot of troubles during a long drive.


Here are the 'Top 5 Things To Do To Your Car' !


Book an appointment with your dealer or a mechanic well before your trip. Ask for one of those maintenance packages with an oil change, tire rotation and mechanical inspection. Don't leave it for a last moment, do it few days before your trip.

For those of you who feel competent enough and have the needed tools then make sure to perform these five things before getting on the road...

1.) Check your tires and air pressure

2.) Change your oil, and top off your car's fluids

3.) Tune-up your car

4.) Check your brakes

5.) Check your heater hoses

Remember, you want this trip to be a enjoyable memory for your family. So make sure to break up the long travel with short stops, because just like your family will need a travel break , so will your car.

"The little breaks that you give your car, will make a huge difference in your car's performance, and its ability to make the complete trip without any major issue", says Master mechanic, Roan Fennell.

For those who are not car sav vy, please schedule an appointment with a qualified mechanic shop, for service.

R & L Auto & Body Shop will service your complete vehicle's needs, without breaking your bank before vacation.

The shop is located at 2190 Coffee Rd. Suite B, Lithonia , Ga.

For more information please call Mr. Roan Fennell today 1-347-992-0746




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