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R & L Auto & Body Shop-Tops OurTown Mechanic and Body Shops For-Metro Atlanta, Ga. !

From Lithonia, Georgia

R & L Auto & Body Shop-Tops OurTown Mechanic and Body Shops For-Metro Atlanta, Ga. !

By Tom Livsey, Topix National News Editor,

OurTown Media is the top hyper local news site in the nation. There are over 72,205 zip codes in America, and OurTown has a presence in each one of them, in the form of a local news editor, or reporter, and by doing so, we also review some of the best merchants in each state, city and town, as well.

Well vehicle owners living in and around Lithonia, Stone Mountain, and Snellville, Georgia, even vacationers, who will be traveling through  Georgia, having difficulties with their transportation during their visit at Stone Mountain Park, should pray to your Lord that one of the best mechanic and body shop in the state, is only a few miles away.

R & L Auto & Body has been named, 'Top Ten Mechanic and Body Shop in Atlanta' !

From early teens in Portland, Jamaica, Roan and Euan Fennell, took heed to what their mom, Linnette, urged them to do. She told her sons that the best way to be able to provide a good living for themselves and their future families, was to learn a trade. They all decided on Automotive.

Shortly afterwards, the Fennell boys worked hard at their new trade, by entering every school and taking on every opportunity to be taught and learned, until they were the best in Kingston, before coming to America, as well educated men, with their mother.

Only after a few years, the Fennell's have landed in the Stone Mountain-Lithonia , Georgia area, and just like they started out with many years ago...The Fennell's became the best mechanic and body shop family in metro Atlanta, Georgia .

As a family owned mechanic and body shop that keeps a pulse on the needs of the communities we serve, we are always on the look out to give back to the people in the metro Atlanta area. With a staff of well trained masters of every part of any vehicle that you may own, we are focused on providing you the comfort security, and peace of mind, in times of uncertainty automotive needs.

Our pricing will not break your bank account, and will not add to your stress of day to day living. We only ask our neighbors to support us, as we, maintenance support for you all ...

R & L Auto & Body is located at 2190 Coffee Rd., Ste. B, Lithonia, Ga. 30058.

For more info, please call 678-344-0391, or for faster 24 hour service call 1-347-992-0746

Make sure to ask for your 'OurTown Discount' ...

God Bless Mother Linnette !



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Posted By: anonymous | 7/1/2014 8:16:46 PM
My sister used this company to purchase a car but she never received it. She paid a down payment with a money order or two per her and Roan's agreement however she has still not received that car. She asked for her money back and they still haven't gave it to her. SMH.. BUYERS BE WARE...

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